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  1. the regression eqn is The regression equation is observed = - 0.2340 + 1.128 actual
  2. Sir While checking an instrument the following is the observation Now with this instrument a load is checked and the instrument measured 30.800 Tonns How can I now estimate the actual weight measured. Pls suggest
  3. Hypothesis testing: It is a statistical tool that evaluates two mutually exclusive statements about a population. The Hypothesis testing uses the sampled data to determine which statement is the best supported by the sampled data. the two mutually exclusive statements being the Null Hypothesis (Ho) and the Alternate Hypothesis (Ha) Situations where Hypothesis testing can be deployed are Is the mean height of boys greater than the mean height of the girls in the same age group Are male and female graduates with the similar competency and experience earning equally in diverse
  4. The Industry guidelines provide the insights whether a process is capable or not. The general accpetable Minimum value for Cp is 1.33 and for the given data the Cp is 1.33, this is an indication of how the process could perform relative to the specification limits (USL and LSL). In the given case study the Cp is 1.33 & Cpk is 1.11. This Cp relates to the process spread. it is a normally distributed population, 99.73% of the variation is within the + 3 std deviations of the process average. The Cp compares the specification width to the Process Width and is the capability the pro
  5. Firstly, I would acknowledge and thank for the opportunity provided and recommend the following 1. Mark the 7 forms of waste, 2. Prepare and look into the flow chart of the processes in the organization 3. Identify the processes in which there is the 7 forms of waste / identify the potential chance for the occurrence of the 7 forms of waste 4. Prepare a RPN score RPN = Severity*occurrence*detection, to identify the failures 5. Identify the prioritized failures and make a list of potential projects 6. Identify the project and do
  6. In defect control, identification of Data points above usl and below lsl. Example delay in pizza delivery, during process engineering, when the data is skewed.
  7. hye in a day production histogram data i could find this p value < 0.005. what does it mean?
  8. How de we measure the product reliability, in a manufacture line with capacity of 10,000 panels of different capacity?
  9. Hye One of the most common questions I ve been facing is why is the Quality Assurance function held responsible for the QMS, EMS implementation and why the QMS , EMS implementation is a part of the QA Job? Pls throw some light on this fuzzy regions
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