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  1. Practical significance: Practical significance relates to whether the result from a statistical hypothesis test is useful or not. Hypothesis testing tests for statistical significance. It means the effect observed in the sample was unlikely to occurred due to chance alone. In other words, it would be very unlikely to see what was observed in the sample if the null hypothesis is true. Example: If a Call Centre claims their average wait time is 30 seconds. We decide to test: Ho: mean=30 Ha: mean>30 We find X (sa
  2. VRIO: The VRIO framework is an analytical tool designed to help the organizations to uncover and protect their workforce and capabilities that gives a long-term competitive advantage. V – Value R – Rarity I - Inimitability O - Organizations Value: First and fore-most resources have to be valuable, as a matter of fact in order for firm attributes to be labelled to determine resources they must be valuable in the first place, so technically the resources are always valuable to be consider resources. when they enable the firm to impl
  3. ICUKU [Impact, Controllable, Known, Unknown, Uncontrollable]. We cannot solve all the issues, so it is important to prioritize our issues before launching into solving problems. ICUKU has basically a nine block matrix, and its broken into 3 major categories which is Impact, controllable and uncontrollable. Impact has three separate components High, Medium and Low. We need to categorize the impact based on the priority. Controllable has two components Known and unknown. If it’s not known to be a controllable then it should be marked under unknown category, if its known
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