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  1. Service Recovery Paradox; Customer loyalty and customer retentions is very important factor in the day-to-day businesses and many companies are having the customer satisfaction is the primary goal of their business. To sustaining the business and improving the customer satisfaction, service after the sales is one of the important criteria. The research shows that many of the customers are delighted or satisfied after buying the product while the company is doing the good service facility and resolve their problems as and when required. Service rec
  2. Noise factor: Noise factors are the functional characteristics that can be changed naturally, and it can be varies uncontrollably in the process. It is needed much effect to control while doing manufacturing process, but these noise factors can be controlled by the effective designs of experiments and these noise factors can be a measurable parameters/element. Schematic Diagram for a Process is, Firstly, the source of the noise factor can be identified by the detailed study of the system and it can be eliminated or minimized. These nois
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