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  1. I have strongly believe in the 1st ponit, hence the best leader only can make changes in the process.
  2. Hi Mayank, Thanks for the information. Regards Prakash
  3. Hi All, Could you please explain how to calculate the Cp, Cpk for the below mentioned data. its dervied from the team productivity for the week 1 -9. we would like to know about the capablity of the process Week Productivity 1 98 2 86 3 76 4 75 5 89 6 105 7 78 8 67 9 104
  4. Hi Mayank, Thanks for detailed infortmation and support to implement. In our KPO process, we have processed more no of datapoints related to contact person's 1) Name 2) Telphone 3) Email 4) Address 5) Educataion Based on these, we have collected approx 1000 persons and take 10% sampling audit and derive the quality level from the errors made by the team. I have attached values are derived from these process and customer doesnt have specify any quality level. We have fixed in our concern as 98% as LCL. Please let me explain the way to identify the sigma level. Thanks Prakash
  5. Hi Mayank, I have been working in KPO and based on our quality process. we need to calculate the Zigma level for the project based on the project weekly quality scores. Could you please ensure that the below steps are correct, else help me to identify this. 1) Check the process as incontrol & identify the median, Std Deviation for the attached excel using minitab 2) Using the sigma calcluator with the identified median, Std Deviation and USL "98" 3) Fix the Zst as the sigma for the project 4) publish to process owner Thanks Prakash Sigma Level.xlsx
  6. I hope that you need to known the basic information regarding the Six Sigma. if yes then go to directly do black belt. But not sure about my replies. Hence some of my friends could get the BB certication.
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