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Oil and Gas

Increasing demand for petroleum products has triggered the Oil and Gas industry to embrace more efficient means of Operations. Six Sigma has been applied by companies in Oil and Gas Industry to improve production, increase reliability and reduce costs while running safe operations. Some of the leading companies in this sector that been benefiting from Six Sigma approach are Chevron, Aramco, Texaco, Aera Energy, Baker Petroilite and Halliburton. Amongst Indian companies Reliance Petroleum, ONGC and Indian Oil have adopted Six Sigma in some of their core processes.

Some examples of Six Sigma Projects done in Oil and Gas sector are:

  • Improving Oil Production
  • Improving drilling equipment effectiveness and reliability
  • Improving fluid measurement systems
  • Cycle time reduction in core processes
  • Effective implementation of new technologies
  • Improvement in yield from existing technologies
  • Improving safety in offshore oil and gas operations

Do post your queries to discuss more.

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Dear Sandeep,

The possible projects for your situation relate to increasing profitability in rental tools business.

The above can be supported by the following

  • Correctness of equipment specifications and tool data tracking.
  • Designing the right inventory mix through data analysis.
  • Improved inventory utilization through better marketing (example - showcasing tangible benefits due to use of tools proposed to the clients.)
  • Repairs, billing and inventory improvements
  • Hope this helps.



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Dear Mohamed,

Essar and Oil India Limited are also our clients. Now referring to your question of proposed Six Sigma projects, all such business or client pain area can be converted into a Six Sigma project where root cause is unknown or unverified and the solution (obviously) is also unknown. List of such projects are large and shall vary from company to company based on process maturity and type of projects handled.

Best Regards,



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Dear Abhay,

I think integrating IMS - ISO 9001 +EMS/ISO 14001 + OHSAS 18001 requirements with Six Sigma Tools offers Excellent Opportunity for Improvement.

You need to identify specific pain areas and train few Green belts as IMS Auditors.

This is my Dream Project and you may call me on 9322803966. Thanks.


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I have done my GB certification from Benchmark on '11.

I m working in a EPC company and we have serious quality issues.Management is not keen on applying SIx Sigma Methodologies for solution.My queries are

1.Six Sigma applies for Unknown Query & Unknown solution.When I know that standardisation is key to 90% problem solution what sort of project can be taken up in the company.

2.Beacuse the management is not favouring any project ,where and how can I do a project?

3.Can I participate (free of cost ) to any of the projects in Oil & Gas or EPC environment which Benchmark does?

Pl. let me known .

Thanks in advance

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Dear Richard,


By now, you may have worked on many projects since you completed your LSS GB training. However, for the benefit for other new professionals, I want to mention that the methodology can be used in any and every domain. There isn't one core field that Six Sigma applies to, though it may be a common misconception that it applies just to manufacturing.


Click here to hear from the experts in manufacturing - https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/manufacturing/


If you have any specific questions on an area of improvement in your current work area, please reach out.

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Dear Kumkum,


This may have lost the time relevance for you, but here are the answers:


1) If you know that standardization is going to resolve most of the issues, there is no need to do a Six Sigma project. You just need to have an implementation plan for the replication of processes. However, if you are seeking to attain goals beyond what standardization can get you at,  you can think of doing an improvement project.

2) In our experience, if your company does not have the Six Sigma culture and does not support it either, you could look for other avenues such as a friend or a relative's business i.e. hotel, shop, etc

3) I am afraid we are unable to offer freelancing opportunities as most of our clients request data confidentiality and only Benchmark employees to be associated with their projects.


Wish you luck.


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