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Value Adding (VA) - these are the activities which add value (actual or perceived) to the product or the service. A value adding step should satisfy one of the following conditions

1. Customer should be willing to pay for it
2. Transformational by nature
3. Done first time right

Waste or Non Value Adding (NVA) - any activity which adds cost or time without adding any value or any activity which does not satisfy any of the above three conditions is a waste or a non-value adding activity in a process. Focus should be in eliminating such activities. E.g. waiting, rework etc.


An application oriented question on the topic along with responses can be seen below. The best answer was provided by Jayaram T on 12th November 2019.


Applause for the respondents - Jayaram T


Q. 208. Please refer to https://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/make-this-lean/ Once you have seen the eight checks in the post, visualize how and whether some of these checks can be reduced at the Airport? Without compromising on Safety and Accuracy, how can you make this process as Lean as it can be?


Note for website visitors - Two questions are asked every week on this platform. One on Tuesday and the other on Friday.

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Check 1 : Tickets & ID cards are checked:

The Identity of the passenger and the travel details are checked before any traveller entering the airport also passengers are allowed only 3 hrs before the departure since boarding starts only 3 hrs before from departure. This check ensures that only a passenger who is having a flight in next 3 hrs is allowed inside the airport.


Check 2: Issuance of Boarding pass:

This can be eliminated through web-check in and Check in Kiosks if the passenger is not having check-in luggage. But this cannot be eliminated for a passenger with check in luggage, But time can be reduced by eliminating boarding pass issuance at the counter.


Check 3 : Entry to Security Gates:

This physical check can be automated with electronic sensors & gates which can sense the details in the boarding pass and open the entry for passenger to security gates


Check 4: Manual frisking & Cabin luggage check:

The manual frisking and cabin luggage scanning is very important as this is not done in any of the above steps, Tagging the baggage and boarding pass verification can be eliminated as the entry into security area is based on boarding pass.

Entry to common entrance to all gates from security area can be automated again using boarding pass and mechanized doors this will eliminate check 5


Check 6, 7, 8 : Final Checks

Ground staff can tear the boarding pass while scanning and allow the passenger into waiting room or to board the aircraft this will eliminate rest of the checks check 7 & 8

The 8 step process can be made lean by removing repetitive checks and eliminating few checks also automation certain checks will help to improve passenger experience without compromising safety & accuracy.

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