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  1. One of the most interesting Number Patterns is Pascal's Triangle (named after Blaise Pascal, a famous French Mathematician and Philosopher). To build the triangle, start with "1" at the top, then continue the number series below 1 in a triangular pattern. Each number placed in the triangle, is the sum of the numbers above it. Pattern of the Triangle The first diagonal is, of course, just "1"s The next diagonal has the counting numbers (sum of numbers above) (1,2,3, etc). The third diagonal has the triangular numbers The fourth diagonal has the tetrahedral
  2. The two tyes of techniques used in schedule compressio are 1. Fast tracking 2. Crashing Both of these techniques has their own pro's and Con which is detailes below. S.No Fast Tracking Crashing 1 Activity or set of activities are performed in parallel which was originally scheduled as sequential
  3. Bench is wrong, We can never consider a process to be perfect in a fast changing environment. Six sigma projects not only improve process but also provide an opportunity for innovative / creative solutions.If Kodak had would have done a six sigma project they would have been the leaders in digicam world today.Six sigma projects shall help a organization to create products & services for future.Six sigma helps the process to be active/live and if not done then the process becomes obselete.
  4. Agreeing to the bench statement that more lean six sigma leads to standardization but standardization leads to simplification and integration of multiple similar process. When activities are standardised organization can leverage on eliminating the duplicate efforts and automation. Employees has the option to upskill themselves and help organization's growth.
  5. Check 1 : Tickets & ID cards are checked: The Identity of the passenger and the travel details are checked before any traveller entering the airport also passengers are allowed only 3 hrs before the departure since boarding starts only 3 hrs before from departure. This check ensures that only a passenger who is having a flight in next 3 hrs is allowed inside the airport. Check 2: Issuance of Boarding pass: This can be eliminated through web-check in and Check in Kiosks if the passenger is not having check-in luggage. But this cannot be eliminated for a passenger with
  6. Genchi Genbutsu : Going to the source to find the facts to make correct decisions, build consensus and achieve goals. This is applicable for all workplace be it a production floor, Manufacturing unit, BPO, KPO or hospitality services, until the leader understand the facts first hand he/she may not be able to make the right decision. Genchi Genbutsu emphasizes the knowledge and learning to be gained from being where the work is performed and reveals the true picture, helps leaders to make better decision ‘Toyota Production System creator Taiichi Ohno applied
  7. Absolutely true... If organization starts passing cost benefit to customer by cutting down their profits, without innovating new ideas to perform their operation at reduced costs, then in couple of years they will lose the race and will be out of industry.
  8. To automate or not to automate is no longer a question anymore. Enterprises will have to integrate IA and automation for their own benefit and survival, RPA Will be better aided by AI and grow faster…. It is important to understand that RPA and AI are nothing, but different ends of a continuum known as Intelligent automation AI that augment and mimic human judgment and behaviour complement RPA that replicate rules-based human actions “The two technologies work hand in glove, just like traditional ‘white-collar’ knowledge-based workers and ‘blue-collar’ service-based wor
  9. Null hypothesis assumes that the population mean is the same as a target value or another population mean. In equivalence testing, the null hypothesis assumes the population mean differs from a target value or other population mean. For example, difference between a 2-sample t-test (Hypothesis) and a 2-sample equivalence test can be best illustrated as, 2-sample t-test to test whether the means of two populations are different. The hypotheses for the test are as follows: Null hypothesis (H0): The means of the two given populations are the same. Alternative hypo
  10. A Tollgate Review, as the name indicates, is like a checkpoint in a Six Sigma project at which the various team members meet and determine whether the work has been performed as indicated in the project plan and whether the objectives mentioned have been achieved. Here are some of the key factors to be considered while planning a tollgate review to ensure the review is effective and the project moves forward as planned. 1. Tollgate reviews to be planned in advanced and timelines to be adhered as planned, Review cancellation or rescheduling should be avoided 2.
  11. The goal / objective of any business is Customer satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction & Shareholders returns In the above 3 goals Shareholders return is a financial goal & other 2 are gaols related to perception caused by the behaviour of organization. Positive behaviour & culture in the organization leads to positive perceptions Some of the most common efficient metrics are 1. Operating Expense – All the money spent by organization to turn raw materials (Inventory) into throughput. Any expense which does not convert inventory to through put is called a wast
  12. Every consumer is different and wants a unique experience when shopping and that ’experience’ has become the critical differentiating factor for many successful business models. However, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to predict & understand what consumers want as their expectations continue to change. Consumers have become increasingly comfortable interacting with brands in a seamless way, switching between channels and allowing their data to be used to provide a personalised experience.Customer satisfaction is paramount for any firm's marketing strategy. “Cu
  13. Net Promoter Score is an index of customer loyalty & not customer satisfaction. True loyalty affects the profitability of an organization by reducing customer acquisition cost.no company can grow if their customer bucket is leaky, Loyal customers will arrest the leak and add more customers to the bucket. Loyal customers act as references and will risk their reputation by recommending a product or service from a company. Truly loyal customers bring in new customers at no cost to the company. The path for profitable growth for any organization lies on their ability to get i
  14. Life is full of choices. One has to rationally balance alternatives, assess uncertain outcomes, gather additional information and - when ready - pick the best action. Optimal stopping problem can be best described as the number of samples to be looked / verified before taking a judgement on the best. optimal stopping or early stopping is concerned with the time taken to perform a action or take a decision in order to maximise an expected reward or minimise an expected cost. Optimal stopping problems are solved using dynamic programming many times and written as Bellman
  15. My view on Customer handling aspects Simple Means - Keeping the process simple to allow customer share his complaint/feedback and keeping the resolution process simple without multiple authorizations (empowering). Acknowledge Means not only just acknowledging the request but getting back to customer or repeating the issue to customer to make sure that the problem is clearly understood Quick Response is not to respond quickly but keeping customer informed about each and every stage of the solution provided. A well-Written response will help in gaining customer trust & c
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