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  1. Hi, I would like your suggestions on calculation of Sample Size. Attached is a sample spreadsheet that has 4 columns. Details of the first 2 columns will be provided and based on the provided data we will need to research and enter the appropriate findings in the Third column. The fourth is a Confidence level where in it needs to be answered by a Yes or a No. Its either they are confident in their research or they are not confident. There could be thousands of such data that needs to be researched. My question here is how do we determine the Best sample size that needs to be selected to perform a QA and get optimized results. Thanks, Krishna Murthy CHVG SSD.xls
  2. Hi, I have received a Project on improving the Accuracy of the reports generated by one of our departments. The CTQ that we are looking here is Proper Quality Check Process. The process owner states that he is basically looking to reduce the number of inaccurate reports based on its criticality . To elaborate further Lets say the Dept has generated 100 reports out of which 99 are correct and that 1 report that is not accurate has a major impact to the dept than the 99 correct ones as it is a Critical Report which is reviewed by the CEO and sent to the Client for Billing. I am stuck here on how to proceed further. Any help here would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance, Krishna
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