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  1. XYX Company is the leader in ABC Sector. In which 100 employees in the shop floor has been tested for COVID19, In which 10 employess has been reported as Positive & 20 other employees has been reported as primary contact. In order to mitigate the risk of spreading to other employess, company has decided to make the quarantine of 14 days for the positive case & 7 days for the primary contacts, If the probability of getting positive is 10% of the population then how many additional headcount should be recruited for flawless operation ? Note: Also Suggest , If the test will be conducted in the 4/5 batches, What is the manpower requirement?
  2. The term "Catchball" is a effective lean technique to catch the ideas and information from one person to another person or group as like where we use to play passing the ball and get as much as information without any negativity or discourages and from leadership level to floor level Benefits: >. Its breaks the wall of hierarchy >.Encourages for cross functional involvement >.It will be focused on final goals & Objectives
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