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  1. When I was working as maintenance head, I was facing a very critical challenge. In one of our sub assembly one small pinion was fixed at one of the end of a spline shaft with the help of a small thick washer and an allen bolt (M6). Problem – As there were alternating load on the spline shaft bolt used to get loosen and washer getting dislocated creating major accident in running machine. Or sometimes head of a allen bolt breaking and creating major accident. There used to be loss of productivity due to machine stoppage, cost of breaking spares and total used to be in the range of Rs. 70 t
  2. Few years back I was attending one of the assessments for pre qualification for promotion assessment. There were presentation of a case study and then a personal interview on presentation and finally feedback for result. A) In feedback session I was been told that my communication was very poor; I was interrupting the panel so many times. I was starting to speak before panel finish. And so many other things related to communication panel hammered me. I was just speechless as I was knowing pane giving feedback with data points they had collected when I was talking. It was a
  3. Nowadays we all are very much familiar with a map shown on local news channel or national news channel with few areas shown in Red, few in Orange and rest in Green. The colors depict the severity of Covid 19 (number of cases) in those areas. Red = highly severe – large number of infected cases. Orange = moderately severe – Medium, number of infected cases, Green = Low severity – Very less number of cases. Depending upon the severity the rules for movement of peoples, doing the business in those areas are decided by government. Accordingly peoples are permitted as below, Red
  4. IPO-FAT - Tool Hotelling is one of the favorite occasions for every individual. He likes to visit Hotel, have a delicious food – Lunch or Dinner. Everyone has a comment about the taste of the meal, time taken for the meal, neatness while preparing the meal, ingredients used, quantity consumed and left over etc. There are few aspects associated to that meal. Every meal is graded on all above factors and it is termed as overall Tasty, delicious or not so good meal. Meal received in time. Meal received in presentable way etc, etc. Most of the quality conscious hotels cond
  5. Andon! Everyone knows his child hood stories of Alarms given by elders about not doing something by some typical facial actions, sounds or even by showing something. It was to warn a child for not doing something else he may get hurt, he may get injured or there could be an accident. And it used to work; the child will remember all those actions, alarms and will not go near those things, will not touch and this way his life was saved. He continued the same thing when he was matured enough to teach other children’s. Really a very powerful technique of teaching, alarming and wa
  6. Six Hats Thinking. In day to day life every individual comes across different types of problem and few are having very logical solutions. Few need some judgment and others need information and knowledge to solve. There are some problems can’t be solved by straightforward thinking or simply traditional way of problem solving. To ease this problem solving generally we call a group of peoples with different mind sets (different departments) and collect their opinions, suggestions, ideas (creative thoughts), and ea
  7. OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness is the net effective production on (or net Utility of) equipment. There are 24 hours or 1440 minutes in a day available for production. Ideally this complete time is to be used for production of the components or any commodity for which equipment is meant for. Practically it is not possible as equipment also need some rest in the form of servicing, it also need to be dressed up for new type of setup or sometimes it falls sick by breakdown. It may also not work accurately due to minor misalignments and need small adjustments or may want to work
  8. SMART Every morning comes with a small goal of the life, it may be some to do task for that day, completion of the pending or incomplete activity started yesterday or few days back. Basically all big goals are divided in small goals and as these small goals are completed everyone completes a big Goal. Before forming any Goal it has to be achievable and hence achieved. If not achieved, there could be less inputs put in, inputs may be not in right and specified direction or not in specific way. One more factor is, if Goal is not achievable???? In this case it is all
  9. The covid 19 pandemic highlighted 3 waste Muda, Muri, Mura in Health care sector. Muda – This is the waste comprising of other few waste on shop floor, In this case let us consider Health care system. It is denoted as - WORMPIT. W = Waiting time for the patients to get admitted – Taking lessons from other countries suffering from this pandemic, State Governments has to be prepared well in advance regarding facilities for patient like, beds, dedicated Hospitals or wards in the Hospitals. O = Over production – It was been observed the excessive documentation in processing eve
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