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  1. Agile methodology, a most prominent way to manage the projects in the Virtual domain (mostly in the Software development) has gained significant popularity in the recent times. It is based on the principle of breaking down the larger projects into smaller and manageable tasks called Iterations thereby creating something of a Value. Once an Iteration is produced, it is then made available to the users/stakeholders and seek feedback. This methodology has proven to be highly successful and many organisations have been able to score high on Innovation, customer satisfaction, quicker resolutio
  2. Paynter Chart: Paynter charts are the statistical tools used in the quality improvement projects. Paynter chart is a combination chart which uses the principles of Run charts and Pareto charts to refine the outcomes of the Pareto analysis. In other words, these can also be described as the extension of the Pareto charts. Pareto Principle, which is popularly called as 80-20 rule, provides us with the major causes i.e., the top 20% causes/reasons for a particular problem. Paynter charts further probe these causes over time to give us a specific list or count of these causes that are
  3. It is well known that the demand (or supply) of a product is greatly influenced by the price change. This change in the demand, however is not uniform. Sometimes, a minor change in the price would leads to a great change in the demand quantity and in other cases, even a larger change in the price will have minimal impact on the demand. “Elasticity of demand, also referred to as Price elasticity of demand is the degree responsiveness of quantity in demand (of a product and/or a commodity) due to the alteration of its price. It can be mathematically expressed as below: Price El
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