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  1. Hi Mayank, Good morning The above RCA article link is not working...Can you pls share the updated link if any?
  2. Thank you so much Gupta for your inputs. Let review and get back, if required any further understanding on this.
  3. Hi Gupta, Thanks for your confirmation about the calculations and i too verified with the above link as suggested by you. Yes, the values are matches exactly. Your question about the USL is really valid and realistic one . For my case, can you please guide me which is the right option to measure the process capability whether we can use the data type of "continuous" (Quality%) or "Discrete" (Defective / Defect). In my project, we are calculating the quality % with the defective mode and the sample size will be differ on a daily basis (ie: Samples data points already attached in the control chart data) Your inputs would be highly appreciable to improve my understandings on this part. Thank you so much for spending your valuable time on this.
  4. Thank you Gupta for your detailed explanations. Yes, you are absolutely right. Actually I have considered the specification limits as highlighted below. USL: 100.00 LSL: 99.00 Target: 99.50% Further, I have attached my calculation spreadsheet for your quick understandings. Can you please review and guide me which is right option to calculate the CP & CPK for this data type? CP & CPK Calculation.xlsx CP & CPK Calculation.xlsx
  5. Hi All, Could you please explain how to calculate the Cp, Cpk for the below mentioned data. its derived from the team on a daily basis quality of day. We would like to know about the capability of the process Date % of Quality 21-Jun-19 100 22-Jun-19 99.24 23-Jun-19 99.82 24-Jun-19 99.76 25-Jun-19 99.82 26-Jun-19 100 27-Jun-19 100
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