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  1. Converting the ordinal data into categorical data helps in identifying the more loyal customers, customers who are really unhappy and neutral customers in net promoter score Data can be made in relevant groups to bring more usefulness or better understanding of the current state Also the categorization helps in understanding the data and take a useful decision i.e. where we need to focus, where we need to be supportive etc.,
  2. Some examples of the Kanban boards Daily sunrise report / Daily sunset report - reporting on the current challenges / issue areas of different stakeholders Daily star Quality report - mapping the 31 days / 30 days / 29 days with error day, no error day, repeated errors / no input Mood marbles - Indicating the current mindset of the individuals IT service performance real time dashboard - Representing the real time Daily dashboard - Reporting the misses to the top stakeholders Quality of Management of dashboard Highway signs on the accident zone, narrow turns, truck lay bay etc., L Board is another example of Kanban
  3. Existing Process controls affects the detection rating and also has influence on the occurrence rating Steps Potential failure mode Potential effect of failure SEVERITY Potential causes OCCURRENCE Current control DETECTION Comments What is the step In what ways can the step go wrong Impact if the failure mode is not prevented/corrected How severe is the impact on customer What causes the step to go wrong How frequent is the cause likely to occur What current control are there that prevent the failure mode from happening or detect it if it occurs How probable is the detection of failure mode Report to be saved in the respective location Report was missed to be saved in the location SLA not met 7 Assuming report is saved but not saved in the location/ other issue 1 Self check/Sample audit 6 Sample audit / Self check has influence over the occurrence on the report not being saved Team contacts the customer if no remittance details are available. Team contacts wrong customer SLA not met 6 Lack of attention/ name not clear in invoice 1 Checking previous history before contacting 7 Referring the historical data for exceptions will help for better clarity Log into Application Incorrect user ID Unable to log in 3 Typo error or Typing in urgency 2 System display the Alert message when User ID is Incorrect. User ID same as Z ID hence available with TL as well 3 System control supports in typo error or error to to urgent typing
  4. 1) A mixture represents more crossing at the center lines i.e. no points near the center line. It is used to indicate the mixture of data from 2 different groups. 2) Clusters indicates group of points above or below the center line 3) Oscillation occurs to fluctuation of data up and down: 4) A trend is a extended drift in the data Run chart helps in determining the shifts, trends or patterns for a time period in a process. It can also help in understanding the common or special cause of variations. Supports in identifying on the pattern of changes in a process. Run chart is very simple to create and understand as compared to other charts. Sometimes setting up incorrect upper or lower control limit in a control chart can lead to incorrect outcome / analysis. There is no such distortion in the run chart is tries providing natural flow of data points over the time period
  5. Domain Verification Validation Service Industry Checking whether a Quality Control Procedure is implemented Checking whether the Quality Control Procedure is rightly implemented i.e. procedure rightly identifies the errors Software Understanding whether input specifications have resulted in product output i.e. product should have 10 modules with 3 sub-modules - whether all modules are developed would be verification - Feature reviews, high-level checks, simple checks Understanding whether output results in meeting the expectations i.e. whether the developed 10 modules with 3 sub-modules works are desired providing output meeting the expectations Automotive Industry Assembly inspection of a car assembly on the different features such as finished product, dimensions, colour texture, weight etc., Carrying out road test for the agility, strength, performance, crash strength etc.,
  6. Question Pareto Analysis is one of the most used tools in the search for significant contributors to a problem. What are some of the common misuses of Pareto Analysis? Explain with examples. Common Misuses 100% data not considered while plotting the Pareto chart and applying 80-20 principle Applying Pareto to non standarized data incorrect data points providing wrong lead points Appropriate timeline (having sufficient data) not considered for analysis e.g. seasonal fluctuations may lead to incorrect intrepretation Example Poor training leading to negagtive customer feedbacks. Given below the available sample data for Pareto analysis Training issues noted Challenges Faced No. of instances Jan-19 Feb-19 Mar-19 Apr-19 May-19 Jun-19 Jul-19 Sub-Total Jan-19 Feb-19 Mar-19 Apr-19 May-19 Jun-19 Jul-19 Sub-Total Late reception of input of new joiners details Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 2 4 5 3 2 16 Training plan not received on time Yes Yes Yes Yes 4 5 6 9 20 Training plan not updated Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 4 3 8 6 6 27 Assessment not cleared but put in live production Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7 2 1 1 1 1 1 7 Assesment questionnaire not updated Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 7 2 4 1 6 1 1 15 Trainer not available for training Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 4 6 7 1 18 Training material not available or incomplete Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6 5 3 3 2 8 21 No hands on training given Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6 6 4 2 5 7 24 No dedicated system for hands on training Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 4 2 4 7 3 20 No. of new joiners faced training issues 12 8 8 13 14 15 6 Lists of challenges that can lead to incorrect Pareto Analysis Using "Challenges faced" data for Pareto analysis cannot give ideal or top challenges faced In "No. of instances" table, data for month of Apr-19 is not available. This can lead to incorrect analysis Also "No. of new joiners faced training issues" faced training issues does not match with "No. of instances"
  7. Attached an spreadsheet explaining on the challenges on severity ranking and solutions to overcome the same Common Challenges in Severity ranking How to address the challenges No deep clarity on whether the serverity ranking is for potential failure more or potential failure effects Detailed training covering many examples from user understandable language Failure effects should be considered at process or end user level. If this is considered at the high level it can lead to incorrect ranking of the severity Creating a detailed procedure on how to prepare the FMEA If there is no involvement of an experience or subject matter expert of the process, it can lead to wrong ranking Creating a detailed procedure on how to prepare the FMEA Involvement of multi-departmental teams and does not have knowledge on the FMEA Involving an experienced quality personnel in faciliting the trainign and development of FMEA
  8. Scope creep refers to non standard grown in a new project assignment post the initiation. how to identify the creep? When the changes are properly tracked as part of change control How to prevent? Define the revised scope track the changes Re-baseline Request more resources Alerts Set Priorities Avoid the traps What are the ways to deal with scope creep caused by different parties involved - team members, users, stakeholders etc? Map all stakeholders, identify the priorities among them and impact, involve in regular reviews and sign off with each party onb scope
  9. When does using a Balanced Scorecard become ineffective? In other words, what are the caution points while setting up the Balanced Scorecard for an organisation? No strong leadership support for implementing the balance scorecard Metrics are not relevant and clear Poor data management input and review mechanism No balanced focus Support for all relevant stakeholders
  10. Advantages Any approach with short timeline for finding a satisfactory solution for a complex problem Provides immediate goal Reduces cognitive load When should we prefer heuristic methods´╗┐? TIme duration is shorter complex data and decision cannot be taken easily Identifying intial problem for a complex situation
  11. A Spaghetti diagram is a visual representation of actual flow in a process, system or natural stream. It is used to understand the transportation, waiting time and motion and is applied in sevaral industries such healthcase, factories, meterologyand others to understand, optimize or improve efficiency in the process, system or natural stream.
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