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  1. Chako Chako is a Japanese term which means load load. 1.This is a process where only one action is performed load of part on many automated machines in a sequence. Only one operator work on these machines in a circle & process time of each machine is fixed for one operator. 2. The machines assigned to a worker has to be run on basis of calculated process time to keep the line running smoothly. 3. Chako Chako production help to reduce the WIP time, idle time as this is a defect free production & no need of supervision of any part in a sequence. Chako Chak
  2. "It was a good learning of 6 Sigma methods & lean concept. The statistical tools of six sigma now gives me more clarity how I can use in a project in a systematically structure teach by trainer. It was really a good time to learn 6 sigma with trainer who gives us a way of thinking in right way of using six sigma tools." - Manoj Kumar, Quality Engineer, Heavy Electrical
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