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  1. Hi All, I was going through the project that is attached and there were couple of questions which i am finding hard to understand and need your help in solving this. The first one being the MSA to be used for the Gage R&R. I have used the repeatability and reproducibility calculation and found that the gage R&R us at 19.2% and where as the appraiser variation is about 10.9%. I am unable to determine whether this is the correct method or not for this. Also for the second question of mine, the data sample in exercise 1 shows that the First call resolution is less when the AHT increases and this could be due to the agents skill or any system delay; however i am unable to determine any other possible reason. Any help on this is highly appreciated.. LSSGB_Project 3_Improving Bank Call Center Operations_Problem.pdf
  2. "Great content....the examples shared were very helpful and easy to understand in the layman's terms..." -Sourav Ghosh Choudhury, Process Leader, Capita Offshore
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