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  1. This is quite interesting to debate. Companies often ask for relevant experience and there by chose the candidate appropriately. If we hop the verticals and horizontals, then its challenging to accept us in the organization. companies don't need generalized specialist, rather specialized generalist are required for the business benefits.
  2. Hi Karthik - Thank you for your inputs. appreciate your help on this matter. Thanks, Sandeep 9880891957
  3. Greetings Mayank! Thank you for sharing your inputs. Point #'s 1,2,3 and 6 are part of the activity. Really appreciate your help. Thanks, Sandeep
  4. Greetings! I'm looking for some tips on hosting a Quality Month in service industry. Please share any best practices, tips, advise, etc.,
  5. Thank you VK. This helps, Please share any other live examples if available. Just a request.
  6. Hello - I'm trying to understand the difference between the process flow chart and value stream mapping for a KPO setup. could someone pls share the differences with example.
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