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  1. As Pareto principle states, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Out of those 20% causes, the one Cause which has many dependencies/dependents which has the major significance of that 80% will be considered as root cause. That one cause which is impacting a vehicle's mileage (y) might be due to several 'x' factors. y=f(x1,x2,x3,...xn). For example, x1 can be low tyre pressure, x2 can be poor fuel quality, x3 can be driving style, etc., All these X factors are causes of low mileage. But X2 seems to be the root cause which can have a significant impact on the engine which can further result or induce more effects (issues) similar to low mileage. So we consider that to be a root cause.
  2. Example1: Multiple handoffs: Runouts in Cricket, in which the runout process will be initiated by a fielder by throwing it to another fielder(s)/Wicketkeeper who then attempts for the runout. Zero Handoffs: Direct-hit Example2: Communication via old mail system, where you write a letter then post it in letterbox. Area Postman collects it and groups it with geographically similar letters at postoffice. A person transports it to the designated place Another postman delivers to the receiver in designated address. The receiver (can be anyone in a designated address) finally hands it over to the designated person. Zero Handoff: Email.
  3. The Delhi Govt's Odd-Even motor vehicle usage scheme was considered efficient but not fully effective in terms of compliance. China's policy of number plates ending with specific digits on roads on specific days is effective but not efficient considering China's transportation needs.
  4. Business Excellence can be achieved with Process and Operation Excellence. Personal Excellence is foundation/drive for any Excellence initiative and thought process.
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