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  1. Kavitha Sundar

    Internal Quality Score

    Yes. there is a strong correlation between Vop and VOC. Customer's requirement is always a verbatims. These verbatims has to be translated into CTQ of the process to adhere to. it is always a statement given by the customer and meaning of the statement is what translated into VOP. VOP is nothing but, the current state's performance against the customer needs, expectations, preferences,choices, etc. Hence there should be a connect always to VOP and VOC to delight the customer and retain the business.
  2. For app-based cab service provider, the customer satisfaction score ranking would be as follows.. CAC - CES - CSat - NPS - Chrun 1. CAC - Is the cost used to convert the onlooker into consumer of the product. In simple terms the marketing cost. it is most important metric for companies and investors to look upon. How much they had to spend to get the number of customers. 2. CES - It is ranked top second because in my view, once the customer is attracted to the service / offers, the customer should utilize it or experience the service offered to him. He / She has to take an effort to utilize the service provided. 3. C-SAT - Once the service is completely utilized by the person, the consumer of the service has to provide feedback through customer satisfaction surveys / feedback forms, interviews, etc. 4. NPS - This would help the company to evaluate the service provided to the customer. In this case, the old customer can refer someone to take up the similar kind of services from the same provider or the same customer would repeat the service utilization frequently. 5. Churn - Since it is app based cab service, due to natural distortions, the customer may rate the cab service as bad. In such cases, the customer would be evaluated and Cab service customer care should contact them and resolve their issues if any. This would in turn help the customer to want the service again. Thanks Kavitha
  3. Kavitha Sundar

    Hiring a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

    Sir, this is what we are discussing. You took the decision of hiring such candidate without project experience but able to prove. So, the hiring conditions should not so strict that it should be documented, followed diligently with no deviations. If the trained BB has all potentials to prove his LSS knowledge, Completion of BB project should not be a barrier for his next level career growth. thanks Kavitha
  4. Kavitha Sundar

    Hiring a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

    @ all (Who supports the view of Yes - project experience is required) Most of you would have got selected as freshers in the company when started their careers. Did the organisation say that you are a fresher and no job for you here? No. They picked you, trained you and utilized you in completing their deliverable. Even in Lean six sigma industry, they pick people, train them, make them to do project and motivate them to do GB. They even expose them in GB projects. the similar way, the people who have completed their GB with project experience would be promoted to next level with criteria of BB completion. My point here is For a certified BB, if the BB project is identified before his promotion, he can complete. if the Promotion is due for him before even he could identify the project, he should deserve it for his historical achievements. Which ever comes first, it is for the betterment of oneself in his career. Neither should act as a roadblock for his career growth. Thanks Kavitha
  5. Kavitha Sundar

    Hiring a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

    @ Venugopal Sir, I didn't say if the organisation does not provide BB the opportunity of completing a BB project. What i meant is ... 1. I just completed my BB and due for promotion of managerial role 2. My organisation is interested in taking up small projects like Kaizens, Lean or even 8D approach but not DMAIC of BB project. 3. Organization is interested in recruiting a manager with BB certification In this case, if i am in the position of recruiting, i would see the project knowledge in terms of theory, and application of tools If the person is strong in theory and have used some of the approaches in problem solving, able to correlate the concepts but not used DMAIC approach, i would recruit the person for Managerial role. thanks Kavitha
  6. Kavitha Sundar

    Hiring a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

    Sir, If the opportunity is not given to prove his theoretical knowledge, how will he learn? where will he learn?
  7. Kavitha Sundar

    Hiring a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

    sir, I am not saying we have to redefine the criterion for a BB. But if required, we definitely can. My context to the previous explanation is related to managerial role.. GB promoted to next level with prerequisite of BB completion certificate was my context. My state is again, No. If BB is to promoted for managerial level, project completion is not mandate if he / she possess all relevant skill sets. If the interviewer is able to extract the good of him, there is a success. thanks Kavitha
  8. Kavitha Sundar

    Hiring a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

    Hi Sir, Good day. I support that the BB requires a formal education with certificates of completion. I will try to simulate a scenario. If i am a GB and undergone a BB training and completed the course with formal certification process. My organisation is only interested in short wins like Kaizen, lean, etc and not project taking more duration or there is no opportunity for any BB project.. In such case, i will only be able to demonstrate the knowledge but not practical experience. Practical experience i will be able to demonstrate only if i simulate with dummy project data or if i am allowed to take up a BB project if any.. Hence, a BB should hold a sound knowledge in LSS concepts and usage of the tools. But not mandaate to have a project experience. thanks Kavitha
  9. Kavitha Sundar

    Hiring a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Professional

    No. As per the previous question, if the organisation does not allow the BB/ GB to do a DMAIC project, the opportunity is not given to him to prove his skill set. But in such cases, he can only refresh his knowledge and simulate a project experience and move on to next firm if there is an opportunity. Hence the BB / GB should be ready to take up a project and prove his skill set at any point in time even if we don't get an opportunity. He can also use lean approach instead of DMAIC / DMADV. So, the project using DMAIC / DMADV methodology application should not be a road block for his career growth.
  10. Kavitha Sundar

    Project needed but not allowed

    Green belts / Black belts should have their authority in their respective processes and can get the work done effectively. If the organisation has no policy to take up the project formally, still they can improve the process by following ways. 1. PDCA Cycle - As per the PDCA cycle, the pain areas can be identified, planned accordingly, implement the actionable, Check frequently and act accordingly. 2. Simple Kaizens - without naming the activity as Kaizen, the team can create small " quality Circles" and identify the pain areas and improve the process with recommendations. 3. Process Mapping - Create a process flow, identify wastes, and apply SCAR(simplify, Combine, Automate or Remove) technique to improve the process. 4. Create the checklist for process adherence in order to improve the process or run the process efficiently. Outside of the organisation - A lot of data dummy samples are available in the minitab or in the internet for all to undergo a practice and get the complete project experience, even if the organisation does not allow any type of improvements. thanks Kavitha.S
  11. Kavitha Sundar

    Zero Defect - Debate

    Hi Rajesh, Thanks for your input. 1. Cars - Is there any news saying a brand new car within lets say, 50 kms wear and tear has issues like fires, etc.? No. It happens due to its rough handling or as part of its own wear and tear mechanism. 2. w.r.t electrical work - due to special causes, the variations in the process can happen. but it is not happening in all the process. The point here is if the builder uses low quality product, the defect can happen. Can you please compare the frequency of shocks at home material and with big big organisations? Good quality material, good manpower, high inspection rate, good quality assurance systems in place will eliminate the errors and the waste involved by achieving first time right concept. 3. ATM - Good narration. i)there are good security systems and mistake proofing enabled to reduce variations, waste and eliminate defects. ACID is a new term which i learnt. Thanks for it. But if no one has raised any concerns and no money actually detected from account, how will the bank be able to do continuous improvements? The bank might be in a position, that they think the process is 100% defect free. Also, power fluctuations happen, immediately the power generator starts and the service continues. Also the severe fluctuations is not in the organisations control, which is out of control. whatever is within control, the power backup is possible, and that is what we see in the ATM's as well. ii) Failures are often a stepping stone to success. We must have heard this. Yes. Often frequent trials help us implement lots of wonders. Human beings with proper training, continuous monitoring, regular assessments for failures and potential failures are studied to eliminate the defect. In summary, the zero defect is possible only with regular process re-engineering.
  12. Kavitha Sundar

    Zero Defect - Debate

    Hi Sathya, So, you mean to say that out of 10 flight landings on a given day, we get one crash per day on a regular basis, because human can go wrong? Everyday, one patient dies of cardiac arrest when he had gone for a simple tonsillectomy procedure? Never, with regular practice, frequent upgradation of the system in terms of knowledge, technological advancements, etc, the errors are at the zero level. With continuous monitoring, application of process maps in order to eliminate the waste and minimise the defects, the zero defect concept is possible.
  13. Kavitha Sundar

    Zero Defect - Debate

    Hi Vastu, 100% right.
  14. Kavitha Sundar

    Consumer's risk

    Producer's risk - Good lot rejected due to sampling error.(Type I Error) Consumer's risk - bad lot accepted thinking it is good.(Type II Error) Rule : if d<=c, accept lot, else reject lot(c- acceptance number, d- defectives in sample) In summary, type I error is falsely inferring that something is there, when it is not present and type II is vice versa. As per the question, when the consumer rejects the bad lot, the producer's risk will increase. Its true. When the correct decision is not made on rejecting or accepting the lot, the consumer might be in risk if he selects a bad lot or producer will be in risk if the right lot is rejected. Eg. Type 1 - blood test wrongly detecting a disease when patient is actually not having. Type II - Blood test fails to detect when the patient is suffering. in another scenario, if the bad lot is selected by the consumer and gets affected, then the product in the market will lose its quality, brand name and its position. Hence the consumer's risk increases which also increases producer's risk. thanks Kavitha
  15. Kavitha Sundar

    Zero Defect - Debate

    Hi Sumantha, thanks for bringing up your experience. Even in your statement, u had mentioned when it was trial the error had happened and not nowadays. That's what we call it as continuous improvements. In design for six sigma (DFSS), most of the organisations would implement the design as a pilot study in sample group, confirm the results, create prototype and then go for bulk manufacturing if there is no or minimal waste. Also, as rightly said by Atul, variations are always identified and solved using six sigma methodology for any process if you have heard. If any organisation wants to build high in market, then the opportunity for improvements is made visible to them by the teams internally, which is called "KAIZEN".