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Calculation of OEE based on MTTR, MTTF, MTBF

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Is there any method to calculate OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) based on the data from MTTR (Mean time to repair), MTTF (Mean time to Failure) , MTBF (Mean Time between Failure) in equipment used in non manufacturing utility industries.

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Hi Ransingh,


Overall Equipment Effectiveness which is the product of Availability, Performance and Quality can't be obtained via MTTR, MTBF and MTTF for the equipment. 


This is so because the three measures do not relate to Performance or Quality. 


If you know MTBF and MTTR, you should be able to calculate availability losses that are due to unplanned stoppage due to machine failure. However planned stoppages (like change over time) which are part of availability calculation in OEE will still be hidden. Also, unplanned stoppage due to other reasons like power failure (MTBF may not consider power failure as equipment failure based on a common definition which considers only equipment malfunction as failure) will also be hidden. 


To answer your question, OEE cannot be inferred from those numbers. OEE, for utilities, as a metric, may not be a great measure of performance but that is a different topic to discuss. 

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