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SIPOC and High Level Process Map

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I have one query what is the difference between SIPOC and High level process map (are both the same)

 If a process has dependency on 9 depts, is it advisable to make one map or 9 process flows shd be prepared for each department.

Also, are there any tools available to get these done automatically





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Hi priya ,

          To answer your query SPIOC and process map may be the same visually but are not actually the same . The main diffrence that you would have to do after you make a SIPOC is ensure process owners and stakeholders . In a High level process mapping the focus is always on process overview and not who is driving it or which department owns the complete process.  A good well defined SIPOC will ensure that outliers like dependcy of process on deapatments would be indetified along with correct person who would drive change in those departments . Hope this clarifys your query .

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SIPOC is one type of high level map. In addition to SIPOC, you should also draw an overview flow chart showing cross functional dependencies. It is better to draw a single chart that covers the START to END of your process being considered for Six Sigma project. 



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