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Six sigma in teaching institutes

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Dear Syed,


Six Sigma is a philosophy that can be applied anywhere. Wherever an organization exists there has to be a team of people existing to operate and then there have to be some processes running to deliver the required results and if all of this exists than the scope of continual improvement is definitely there. Thereby scope of Six sigma or any other Quality methodology implementation!


In your case you can begin with looking at various metrics which are critical for College Chairman or Principal like:

  1. no. of students passed out with distinction per year
  2. no. of placement companies visiting the college/ yr
  3. students getting placed through campus
  4. Professors/ lecturers/ students winning some national or state level college awards.


Or some other metrics like:

  1. The ratio of students/ teaching staff.
  2. Absentism of students.
  3. Lib health in terms of visitors/day.
  4. Other infrastructure facilities like canteen, various labs...its equipment etc.
  5. Attrition of staff

Based on above-suggested metrics, select one or two as project Y to improve upon, look at the data pattern, study its 'As is' process, scope it out accordingly and kick start the journey ...


I hope it gives you some drift.


Happy & swift take off,


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OR the other way is to speak to Principal/ Chairman to identify the pain areas of college which they would like you to address

OR look at the vision/mission statement of the college and see if the current metrics are appropriatley linked with vision/mission or the dashboard itself needs some changes...

Views are welcome,


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Thanks Shalini for your suggestions

Is any scope of Six Sigma in Laboratories Development, adding extra courses in the college, Increase academic and Industrial collaborations, Better R&D activities? How to proceed for this?

Advices are most appreciable.


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Dear Sir,

Quality in education system:

1. The feedback of class after class presentation.

2. You can also apply six sigma methodolgy in the area of student overall performance.Like why they donot want to attend classes & why students performance is not up to expected level.

3. You can also move towards 360 degree appraisal system of faculty. Concentrating on the qualification criteria of faculty towards enhancing knowledge of students.

Looking forward for correction


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Dear Syed,


Shalini has given excellent ideas in her responses. As far as your question 


On 10/28/2009 at 8:55 PM, syed.engr said:

Is any scope of Six Sigma in Laboratories Development, adding extra courses in the college, Increase academic and Industrial collaborations, Better R&D activities? How to proceed for this?


Some of these seem to be solutions to some problem areas and not problems in themselves as far as Six Sigma is concerned. e.g. why do you want to develop the laboratories? why do you want to add extra courses?- it seems those underlying problems are the actual problems that you are seeking to address. Alternatively, these could be Six Sigma "design" problems e.g. Design a process for ongoing laboratory development or Design a process for course change/addition in the college. What all should happen, or should be taken into account in order to decide whether laboratory needs to be developed further or whether a new course should be added - this becomes an ongoing process. This will follow DMADV approach.


Whereas this could be an improvement problem "Current average academic and industrial collaboration count is X" which could be a cause of concern because it is lower than other similarly rated institutes and hence your goal could be to improve and sustain these collaborations at Y per year by a certain timeline. This will follow the DMAIC approach.



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