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jagadish K

SS GB projects in IB Domain

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Hi Jagadish,

  As this field (IB) is quite vast, before responding to your query would request you to pse throw some light on few things:-  

1. Are you a part of Investment Banking or Corporate Finance? what's your role?

2. What's the size of the dept/ org?

3. What's the core function of your Org? (Front office/ middle office/ back office)

4. Do you deal with long term (Capital Investment) decision or short term decision ( Working capital Management)

5. Is your org quality driven or has at least some focus?  

As philosophy of quality is something that can be applied anywhere, so prima-facie I feel there should'nt be any derth of taking up Six Sigma projects in IB as well. (Refer the discussions that we had under the topic "how to prove your capability in a new org").  

Your responce on above would help me to understand and suggest some projects.  



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Hi Shalini,

Thanks for the response.

As asked , Iam dealing with Backoffice function(Operations) for global Investment bank dealing with Derivatives.

Yes its very much quality driven Process.

Hope this would give you a skeleton of the process,would appreciate some inputs on the projects .




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Hi Jagadish,

I feel the following areas may be looked at:

1. Error  % pertaining to paying/ payout of trades/ transactions

2. Beyond TAT  instances of trades getting passed  to your internal system for settlement

3. Number of instances of wrongly booking the brokerage.

Apart from doing a typical Six Sigma project, you may also look at the existing dashboard of your Business Head and look at the opportunities to improvise it further by making it more meaningful.

Best Wishes,

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