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Abhishek Mishra


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Here are some feedback from professionals in Consulting and related companies, after they pursued on of our programs. Read on..

The Content & explanation to cover most of the parts were good

- Ramakrishnan Venkatraman, Senior Analyst, McKinsey & Company Knowledge


Trainer-- Such a wonderful person who made course very interesting.. And Hats off to him.

- Manjula Chandramohan, Process Associate, TCS


Very good explanation from the faculty, especially his examples helped me to understand the concepts which are awesome.

- Femin K, Analyst, Mckinsey & Company

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

Following are the feedback of our participants who recently attended the training program:

The GB course was worth every penny paid for.The best part was that it was aimed towards clearing the concepts with a combination of relevant activities.
- Arvind Kochar, Director- Business Development, Esquare Consulting.

Think of six sigma course, just hop in to Benchmark. It has an outstanding way of explaining and conceptualizing the things to the core.
- Satyajit Bose, Manager- Quality, Planman Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I was horribly confused about Six Sigma before attending the training but now it seems to be very simple. That is Y=f(X)s... smile.png
- Sanjib Kumar Khamari, Sr. Quality Analyst, Thomson Reuters.

VK is a very good instructor. He made us understand lot of things in such a short span of time and never made us bored. I enjoyed a lot.
- Ellora Das, HR Executive, Acreaty Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

I liked the trainer's way of relating every concept to real life examples.
- Surbhi Monga, Corporate Consultant.

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

"Structured approach, well defined and simple to grasp training methodology"

- Akhil Tripathi, Consultant, Technopak Advisors Pvt. Ltd.


I liked the course material and the training flow admirably managed by the trainer.

- Anurag Chopra, Assistant Manager, Carlson Wagonlit Travels.


The training delivered by the faculty was interactive and informative at the same time. The sessions were well paced, the material was user friendly and the training delivery was awesome!

- Shweta Juneja, Operations Manager, Mckinsey & Co.


All the concepts are explained in simple and understandable manner.Thanks for giving a awesome training in a short span of time.I have gained lots of learning experience through this training program.

- Agni H., Asst. Manager, Domex Technical Information Pvt. Ltd.

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

Six Sigma has been a life changing experience for me. The way of identifying the problems and analyzing them takes a 360-degree turn and one starts looking at the most complex problems as opportunities.

- Surbhi Monga, Corporate Consultant


Its really amazing the way complex six sigma tools and stats were explained in simple and effective manner to apply in regular projects.

- Roopesh Singh, Senior Consultant, MindTree Ltd.

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This training will definitely enable me to grow professionally and personally as I can co-relate it with every walk of my life.
- Ashish Jagadish Agrawal, Business Enabler-Contract Manager, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

I really got interest in the subject because of the trainer. Throughout the training I never felt bored or sleepy. Was very helpful!!
- Lavanya Vanita Devi, Contract Manager, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.

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Had done a Green Belt earlier, came back to take a refresher before I go for the Black Belt, learned more than what I had learned earlier, extreme visible fact, the material keeps getting updated, as the concept of the Six Sigma evolves.

- Vimal Tank, Chief Consultant, The Tank Consulting Private Limited.

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It’s a great learning process when a person goes through Benchmark. Would suggest to take a Green Belt before doing a Black Belt and attend the Black Belt as soon as you can after the Green Belt, as the concepts are quite fresh.

- Vimal Tank, Chief Consultant, The Tank Consulting Private Limited.


The six sigma program conducted by Benchmark has been one of the best training programs I have attended. The program design and distinctive delivery style made it easy for the group to grasp and apply the concepts.

- Siddharth Vishwanathan, Strategy Consultant, Francorp.


The BB training was very helpful, it helped me revise my GB concepts & learn new tools & techniques. The examples given by VK were very good.

- Lata Neogi, Service Manager Quality, AON Hewitt.

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The best thing I liked was the course material that makes the complex subject very simple to understand. The example shared is also very useful for understanding o f the concepts.


- Priya Teke, Quality Rep, TCS


One of the most recommended courses for all professionals looking for growth in their own career prospects and for contributing to the growth of their organization!


- Ambali Shinde, Sr consultant, Capgemini


The Course Material was well defined and the program is well structured. Instructor’s in-depth understanding was helpful in clearing many doubts


- Pradeep Raja Muthuvel, Senior Consultant-Operations, PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt Ltd


The instructor used good examples to explain the application of the concepts. It was concept - focused rather than exam - focused.  It was a very professionaly conducted course.


- JYOTHI KANURI, Innovation Consultant, Instillmotion Consulting Pvt Ltd


The training was delivered well with highly proficient facilitation skills, the concepts were related to the day to day life for better and simple understanding. Its worth spending the money, time.


- Prasun Patel, Quality Auditor, Kantar ITP


Benchmark Six Sigma is the only institute which can bring a better change across the Globe making every industry to grow further.


- SAURABH MAHAJAN, Delivery Assurance Manager, Tata Consultancy Services

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I am glad to have enrolled for this class. Worth every penny spent. The course content and the trainer both made it worthwhile and the knowledge gathered would help to better the processes within the organization.

- Deepak Bisht, Technical Operations Manager, Aon Corporation


The entire course was really good experience. Like knowledge, presentation, communication of the instructor very good, especially the notes he scribes on the tab was impressive. Also liked the Minitab and mind tool application and all course reference materials.

- S.S.Shivakumar, Senior Manager – Operations, Integrity Management Systems


Lean Six Sigma is a course that can help people from Each and Every Field of Profession to increase Efficiency in their workplace. And with Benchmark, the Training is much more Interesting and Fun.

- Pamela Dasgupta, Manager – operations, SAS Service Pvt. Ltd.


Benchmark has designed the program in such a way that it instills you with the required knowledge that can be executed in the respective domain. The trainer is superb.

- Vaibhav Vasant Deshpande, Assistant Manager, TCS





Benchmark Six Sigma is the only institute which can bring a better change across the Globe making every industry to grow further.

- Saurabh Mahajan, Delivery Assurance Manager, Tata Consultancy Services

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It has been an enriching and a fun-filled experience to undertake this training. A lot of boring and complex concepts were explained in a simplified and easy to understand manner. I would definitely recommend this training to my colleagues in the organization.
-Bhavik Parikh, Consultant, PA Consulting India Pvt Ltd.

This course is useful for me to gain expertise in area of quality and use them in day to day life.
-Subhashish Ghosh, Business Consultant, Enzen Global solutions ltd.

The Course dilevery was interesting and made the concepts easy to understand.
-Jagpreet Walia, Associte Consultant, Ernst & Young.

The presentation and training content is the clear winner here.
-Siddhartha Padgaonkar, Management Consultant, Customer Value Partners

Excellent explanations from ground level, up with emphasis on basics.
-Shyam Pattabiraman: Senior Consultant, ECS.

Six sigma training by Benchmark is very good & application oriented.
-Pinto Pandya, Consultant, CQB technologies

Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri is a fantastic facilitator. I come from a softskills background and gained so much knowledge and understanding of six sigma concepts in the four days.
-Veena Rajkumar, Corporate Consultant, Sun Microsystems.

If you are keen on implementing significant changes in your organisation, I would strongly recommend you enrol for Benchmark Six Sigma Course. The training course is highly structured and focuses on enhancing your analytical and statistical skills.
-Neeraj Narayan, Continuous Process Improvement Manager, SGS India.

What I liked most in this course is the way Mr. Khatri has provided vast examples for each topic of Six Sigma.
-V. Pardha Sai, Process Manager, Brightleaf India Pvt. Ltd (Legal services) .

With Benchmark Six Sigma Training "MAKE GOOD GREAT".
-Ms. Rekha Agashe, CER, Tracmail AR Services.

I enjoyed the examples quoted by the trainer and the way he made the training look simpler than what it was. The training is very well paced and well designed even for the people who are new to Six Sigma world. 
- Tarun Arora, Group Manager, Mercer India Pvt. Ltd.

I enjoyed the unique way of teaching. The study material provided was one of the best. There was a good coverage of the syllabus in the four days of training. Time keeping was very good.
It is worth to do six sigma here as you get answers for all your questions. 
- Raghuraman L.N, Principal Consultant, Pharmarc Analytics.

Six Sigma is a very effective tool to be used in any organization/department that's the reason why many companies are investing money in such courses. However, its also equally important from where you do this course to gain knowledge and expertise along with the ongoing support from the institute. Benchmark for me is the right choice in this direction.
- Balkeshwar Sharma, Office Manager, Hewitt Associates(IT)

I liked the theory and cocepts supported by sufficient number of Minitab examples given in course material and also done in class during training sessions.
- Aniruddha Sahasrabudhe, Consultant in the area of CAD.

Benchmark Six Sigma is really a benchmark for imparting Six Sigma training.(One would surely realize in a Black Belt Workshop where some people would have done their Green Belt from others.) 
- Rohin G. Patel, Freelance Consultant.

Vishwadeep Khatri is excellent with his knowledge on Six Sigma.
- Manasi Pitre, Team Coach, Tata Consultancy Service.

"Benchmark Institution is really doing a good job and I personally recommend people to join and gain more benefits." 
- V.Gayathri,Service Manager, Hewitt Associates (Consulting).

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Great networking and experience sharing opportunity. A lot of value building for business leadership. Powerful tools and engaging teaching methodology.

- Arvind Pradeep Sanmugam, Akasha Consultancy.


Good exposure to the principle underlying the methods, which cannot be easily obtained from books.

- Venugopal Raman, Strategic Support and Global Quality, SourceHOV.


Interactive course. It's not usual Slide based course - I Liked the way the Trainer used the online scripting way to explain concepts and made it interactive.

- K.R. Kannan, Practice Head - New Growth Markets, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

Liked sharing knowledge among team members.

- Mahesh Kannan, AM, NAIGANT.


Liked the way it was conducted and the location.

- PREENA NAIR CHOUDHURY, Manager, TeamLease.


Learning Minitab and Six Sigma concepts were a great experience.

- Arvind Gopinathan, Process Associate, Tata Consultancy Serice.


Best about this course is of using different tools for identifying the problems.

- Karthik TN, Senior Process Associate,  TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES.


Practical examples to explain complex equations and scenarios. Domain expertise of the trainer is very good.

- Meenakshi Jarvis, Senior Manager, TCS.


It gives us scope to understand the different real life situations and the best possible solutions using the Six Sigma tools.

- Debashree Ghosh, Assistant Manager, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.


Liked the course material, Pre-course material, and faculty in addressing each participant with their domain examples in order to make the topic understand thoroughly.

- Nagumalli M Srikanth, IT Analyst, TATA Consultancy Services.

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

The best instructor I have come across in my 8 years of journey.

- Rajesh Kumar Padhy, Business Process Lead, TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES


Time well spent and statistics made easy.

- Jagruti M Shah, Assistant Manager, Willis Towers Watson


Best approach & methodology used during training.


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Guest Vijay Mohnani

I liked the study material and overall approach of the trainer.

- Diamond Antoo, Deloitte Consulting, India


The course was completed quite well in a short duration. The trainer was polite and we learned quite a lot in a duration of 4 days!

- Anmol Singhal, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India


I liked the training because it was very interactive and leveraging case studies.

- Ashish Kumar, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India


I liked it because the training was well structured and well paced.

- Dinakar Thangamuthu, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India


The instructor is very intuitive and personal. The instructor uses real world examples from the industry we work in to explain the benefits of Six Sigma. Excellent course and highly recommended to all

- Faris Sahem, Manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP


I liked the pace and the technique of the training.

- Mahavir Prasad Kumawat, Senior Consultant, Deloitte India


Liked the approach and knowledge of the presenter. The detailed methodology using statistical and data driven approaches. Good knowledge and excellent method of teaching.

- Manish Raina, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


Liked the mathematical computation techniques. It was overall interactive session.

- Mayur R Neelavar, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


I liked the presenter and content.

- Prasad GVS, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


Liked the in-depth knowledge of the instructor. Thanks for the quick, yet comprehensive training of Six Sigma Green Belt course - well adapted to the hectic corporate culture. Kudos to the very knowledgeable instructor - Mr. Suresh Jayaram.

- Raghu A, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


Liked the over all content and its continuity.

- Raghuram Meda, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


Course instructor - he was extremely knowledgeable, committed and encouraged participation. Had the complete respect of the entire group. Excellent course delivered by an extremely knowledgeable instructor. The instructor gave practical experiences from his own experience which made the training significantly more interesting. Highly recommended!!



The trainer was very knowledgeable and could explain the concepts with memorable examples and use cases. Would like to thank Dr. Suresh to provide complex principles and information in bite sized capsules, this has helped immensely in retention and understanding.

- Rohan Padha, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


Liked the structure of overall training.

- SUMIT NAMAN, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


The course is relatively easy to follow.

- Vidyasagar Prabakar, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India


It's really helpful session and a must-do for a career in consulting.

- VIJAY NAIR, Director, Deloitte Consulting, India


Lucid information exchange, great course material.

- Manali Das, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


The instructor is really good and the sessions have been really educational!

- Anmol Singhal, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting, India


The instructor uses real world examples from the industry we work in to explain the benefits of Six Sigma. Excellent course and highly recommended to all.

- Faris Sahem, Manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP


The instructor has deep expertise in implementing six sigma projects, and it definitely helps.

- Raghu A, Manager, Deloitte Consulting, India


The high quality of training shows how experienced the instructors are and their team who have come up with an excellent customized learner friendly material which we get during training. Worth the investment.

- ADITHYA KASHYAP G K, Associate Consultant - Industrial Engineering, SN Industrial Consultants


- The way the course was delivered. How the connection was done with our day to day life activities. The way Anurag has conducted the training it is drilled into our heads and we don’t - need to reference books or materials.

- Actual Knowledge of what is sigma and how we can use it in our daily personal and work life is provided in these sessions. This is not another theoretical training session. Training is conducted with Passion.

- Anurag comes with vast experience and when he shared with us examples of such instances we could relate to it very well. Excellent communication skills. Connected very well with the entire group.

BINITA M. SUVARNA, Delivery Manager, Tata Consultancy Services

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Detailed Knowledge of Six Sigma and real-world application of the tools and techniques were given during the training. 
-Rithesh Maroli Cheriyath, Lean Coach and Transformation Agent for Group PSA - France, Capgemini


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The study material was kept simple yet explained everything well. I really felt the training was excellent.
-Rizwan Ul Hoda

The booklets, course material were great!
-Sachin Sharma, Vice President, Finance, British Council


The best part about the Black Belt training with Benchmark Six Sigma was the Trainer and their knowledge delivery.
-Sahil Malik, Operational Manager, Operations, CPA Global

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I joined this training to get an insight into the analytical side of Six Sigma and how it can be implemented. The content shared by Benchmark Six Sigma helped me in understanding the concepts, in-depth.

- Parag Sinha, NIIT

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Accenture Solutions Svt. Pvt. Ltd.I learned various aspects of standardizing processes and optimizing them. The training gave me information about a lot of tools
-Chaitanya Kumar, Consulting Partner, Consulting, SKC Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

The training helped me in understanding of DMAIC roadmap, tools of Six Sigma and there was immense learning from peers, practical examples shared by the presenter.

-Prashant S, Senior Manager(Head - Customer Service and Process and Quality), Info Edge India Ltd


The entire session had a practical approach, the training was made simple.
- Sangita Datta, Consultant, SKC Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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I really liked the training methods. The facilitator was very helpful and supportive throughout the training.
-Gaurav Singh, Business Analyst, Operation, Auditime Quality Management Pvt Ltd


I think the training is great, from the trainer to the material, everything is perfect.
-Jay Singh Tomar, Executive, Operation, Aaj Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.


The Course is really structured, and the instructor explained everything very well.
-Rizwan UL Hoda, Manager Operations, IP Support Services, CPA Global

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My main goal while attending this training was to gain knowledge about the subject and that was made possible because of the quality of the training and the training methodology.
-Preetam Chakranarayan, Analyst, Operations, Accenture Solutions Pvt Limited


 I wanted an overview of Six Sigma from this training and the Benchmark Six Sigma Faculty member and the examples he used helped me in getting a deeper understanding of the subject.

-Ranjith Madathil, Analyst, Global Data Research Centre


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I learned about the tools and techniques extensively through this training.
-Sameer A Shaikh, Senior Manager, Accenture


The teaching methodology and exposure to real-time problems helped me get a better knowledge about Six Sigma application.
-Chaitanya Khatri, Senior Process Associate, VMCOE, Capgemini


I got an insight of how to use the various tools in different phases of project cycle and clarity in concepts. The training covers in detail the concepts of Six Sigma.
-Mandar Jayant Thakur, Manager, DERM, Tata Consultancy Service


The content and study material shared with the participants, along with the faculties presentation and knowledge, everything was great!
-Vedika Ashok Sawant, Delivery Assurance Manager, Delivery Excellence, Tata Consultancy Service



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