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Here are some feedback from our past participants from Pharmaceutical industry. Read to have an idea about the relevance of Six Sigma in the pharmaceutical industry:

Six Sigma is a wonderful tool to solve many critical problems with pragmatic solutions.
-Alok Dhawan, Head - Manufacturing Support, Allergan.

Every professional should learn Six Sigma till at least Green belt level.
-Rohit Vatsa, Marketing executive, Accure Labs Pvt.Ltd.

Six Sigma is a professional approach that leads to fruitful results.
-Nand Kumar, clinical logistics manager, Parexel intl. (Pharmaceutical)

The Six Sigma Green Belt course is absolutely critical for anyone who is serious about doing things in the most efficient and effective manner.
- Arvind Arun, Asst Director, Satven Andmer(Pharma).

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

The course content for Black Belt is well designed and upto the required level.

- Anand Subramanian, Manager, Pall India Pvt., Ltd.


A simple and wonderfully organized course that gives a 'practical and real life' introduction to six sigma.

- MK Govind, VP Operations, Connexios Life Sciences.

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In the current scenario where every industry is focusing on quality and customer requirement, six sigma is "must do". It helps immensly to understand and improve your process.
- Nirmal Khati, Junior Manager, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories ltd.

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It has been a wonderful experience of completing green belt curriculum with Benchmark six sigma. The course is designed in such a manner that it will make people understand the concepts and allow them to apply at their workplace. I will suggest everyone go through the course especially from Benchmark, as the faculty is highly trained and friendly.
- Vineet Yadav, Project Manager, Dr.Reddys Laboratories Limited.

Great course with application in every field.
- Dip Kumar Bose, BE, DR Morepen.

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Benchmark Six Sigma Green Belt is a very good course to improve the process knowledge and understanding the factors affecting the process. Benchmark has designed the course materials to suit the candidates from all fields.

- Shripad C. Shenvi Kunkolienkar, Executive, Merck Limited.

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

Benchmark 6sigma GB training is data driven and very intuitive. The trainer is very highly skilled and motivative.

- Debi Prasad Barik, Sr Medical Coder, Sun Knowledge Pvt Ltd

A really interesting session with practical approach towards problem-solving in day to day professional life.

- Prasoon Pandey, Senior research scientist, Fresenius-Kabi Oncology limited


that is the best industrial courses that provide a passage of success.

- Prashant Kumar, Production executive, Godavari Polymers Private Limited


Teaching methodology is superb. Tough topics also taught in an excellent manner.



Benchmark is really an excellent Institute. They provided the training in very simple & effective which made such a complex subject such as lean six sigma to be easily understood.

- Chetan Kinwatkar, Executive, Sandoz Private Limited (Novartis)


Logical categorization and simplification of the stats have been the key learning for me in this courses and I guess that is where the human interface of benchmark exceeds over ASQ theoretical model without human interface in learning.

- Karuna Tiwari, Manager Quality, Management Systems


BB is Much useful in the process to sustain a long time in Market with good Quality.

- Raj Kumar Kommalapati, Deputy Manager, GVK Bio Sciences (P) LTD


Interactive session. Best use of audio-visual and hands-on practice tools.

- Aruna S. Khanolkar, Cipla Ltd.


The faculty is very much a subject matter expert and very technically sound on the subject that he explains.

- Deepak Chandrasekar, Manager - HR, Guardian India PVT LTD

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

Knowing when to walk away is "Wisdom" Being able to be "Courage" Walking away, with your head held high is "Dignity" In short, I have gained the Courage to be Dignified.

- Dhenadhayalan B, Senior Research Associate - Projects, Sarvotham Care Limited (pharma).

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

I liked the simple techniques to implement Six Sigma.

- J.Siva Vradhana Reddy, Officer, Neuland laboratories limited.


After undergoing this training got to know the process capability.

- Kona Krishna Rao, Asst.Manager, Neuland Laboratories Limited.


The way it was taught was really good.

- Nagaarjun Sridhar, Executive, Amneal Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.


GB Course has covered almost all the graphical and statistical tools that will help us. Example method and way of teaching is excellent.

- SWEETY RANI VERMA, Sr. Executive, DIC Fine Chemicals P Ltd.


The explanation with the real time examples helps us to understand tools in a better way.

- ANAND K R, Senior Executive, Strides Shasun Ltd.


The contents were quite informative, the trainer explained the topics nicely.

- Arpit Verma, Process Development & Transfer Executive, Strides Shasun Limited.


The knowledge base of the trainer is exemplary. The pattern of training is interesting.

- Sandeep Gopalakrishnan, Associate General Manager, MModal Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Guest Vijay Mohnani

This is was a good training and has opened a vast opportunity for excellence for me to work towards value added projects for our company.

- Shekhar B. Patil, Senior Manager Engineering, Colorcon Asia Pvt Ltd


Liked the approach & fetching understanding towards a problem or target with results driven strategy.

- Piraj Singh, Process Excellence Officer, Colorcon Asia Pvt. Ltd.


Linked the instructor's subject knowledge and his teaching style.



Liked the trainer as he has a very good knowledge of the subject.

- Anil Patil, Manager Production, Colorcon Asia Pvt. Limited


Very good technique and fundamental knowledge we got.

- Swapnil Rane, Executive Engineer, ACG WorldWide Pvt.Ltd.


REALLY NICE TO DO, FROM BENCH MARK, AND FACULTIES PROVIDE YOU EXAMPLES IN DETAILS AS from scratch, with minute details, moving to another level here.

- Vikash Pankaj Chaturvedi, Modern Trade Manager Online, SHAHNAZ HUSAIN

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The basic concepts were thoroughly explained and I liked the complete coursework and the way of training.
- Chattar Singh Yadav, Team Leader, Process Technology Transfer, Strides Shasun Ltd.

I went with the expectation of understanding the how to maximize the output of any process and really liked how practical examples were incorporated in the training, along with the theoretical expertise of the trainers.
-Diana Vinish Joshi, Quality Assurance, Strides Shasun
The trainer's way of explaining concepts and relating it to real life scenarios was very helpful.
-Dr. Prapti Yadav, Development Quality Assurance, Strides Shasun Ltd.
 Really liked the entire presentation and course layout. I was seeking course clarity from the trainer's and got that. 
-Siddhi Shirodkar, Executive, Process Development and Transfer, Strides Shasun Ltd.

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The training material and the knowledge and presentation skills of the trainer were excellent. I got a clarity on the doubts related to the statistical tools, with the help of practical examples on the topics for Black Belt.
-Trupti Tol, Associate Director, QbD, Cipla Ltd.


I was looking to gain deep subject knowledge and through the training, I could gain a deep understanding of the topics.

-Archana K. Damle, Deputy Manager, QbD, Cipla Ltd.


I could understand the tools and techniques well because of the presentation made by the faculty.
-Viraj Shivaji Thorat, Manager, Pharma R&D, QbD, Cipla Ltd.

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"Entire program has been designed very systematically that covered all the aspects. Excellent trainer, who engaged everyone in the training in the perfect way with continous learning. He made the entire learning quite interesting. It is worth doing the Six Sigma Certifications at Benchmark Six Sigma. I personally found it quite imprevessive and knowledge gaining for relevant concepts & tools on the subject. I will be very keen to undergo my BB & MBB Certification program too at Benchmark."

-Sarvesh Shabi Parab, HR Manager, Colorcon

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"The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training was very informative and very interactive. It was a very lively session. The basics were cleared and our instructor made it a point to convert some of complicated theories into the way a layman can understand. This was something really interesting because in real life, six sigma can be used in almost every aspect and there the complex terms won't come handy while the concept if understood, then the idea for solution or improvement plan comes easily. Overall these 6 days of class was very fun filled in spite of being exhaustive as the number of topics to be covered were many. Thank you."

Mousumi, Publication Excellence Coordinator, GSK

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