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  1. The purpose of a hypothesis test is to validate an assumption. Statistical significance is the indicator of the validation. Adequate sample size is the pre-requisite. Minimizing cost while doing a hypothesis test may be an ask, but minimizing risk or damage is a need. Keeping all these factors in mind, let's now address the question. Adequate sample is a pre-requisite, therefore my choice of approach will depend on the availability of sample. But minimizing risk is a need, so I want to be able to validate my assumption with the least casualty. So if I were experimentin
  2. Dear All, I have always wondered what could be the differentiators for Green Belt and a Black Belt Project. I am aware that a Six Sigma project always revolves around a chronic problem/issue, and the entire objective of the project is to find the causes and the solutions for the same. However, if I come across a chronic issue at my workplace, for eg. FCR, and if I have to improve FCR from 56% (current month) to 80% in 3 months, I have to use Six Sigma methodologies (Green Belt and Black Belt alike). My question is- Is my project on FCR a Green Belt project or a Black Belt project? A
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