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  1. Plz guide me for my LSS new project on weight loss

    Hi Sangeetha You can sign up with your gmail account or LinkedIn account or you can register individually. Please follow this link for registration http://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/register/
  2. Hi VK, I thought of doing a Six sigma project on body weight lose. Now weight is 85kgs, as per the height and weight standard it should be within 50 to 60kgs. The target weight in 6 months is 55kgs with the diet plan and exercise plan. Calorie counts on diet and exercise are updated daily in log book. Now my question is what is the metric I have to consider? Shall I take calorie consumption per day and calorie expended per day. Note: the 85kg man should have average calorie consumption per day (accpd) should be 2300kcal for maintaining his weight. When the weight reduces the accpd also reduces to maintain weight. Now please guide me about what data I want to collect.