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  1. Process mapping

    Dear Members, At the outset, compliments of the festive season to you all. Process Mapping although sounds simple is a very powerful tool in our journey to attain business excellence. Most of the members have a clear understanding of the significance of various process maps and their application. The most appropriate articulation in context of the question was from Arunesh Ramalingam. There were quite interesting answers from Arvindh Pradheep – thought process, Amit Simon – Very crisp and to the point, Ronak, Manjunath and Venugopal R – great attempt in explaining the process maps. Generally SIPOC and High-level process map will help us in stakeholder analysis and project scoping, while other process mappings like detailed process map, top-down, Swimlane, relational maps will help team to understand the processes effectively and pinpointing the improvement areas and interrelations between various process stages, VSM acts like a blueprint giving us insights on Material and information flow, VA/NVA, balancing of the process, bottlenecks, inventory pile-ups or otherwise. Given the value-add and challenges in creating As Is and Future state maps, my favorite process mapping tool is VSM. As we know it’s about learning & better understanding the business excellence terms and not winning or losing and I think we are achieving this objective together. Cheers and have a great time ahead!”
  2. Pacemaker Process

    Dear Ambassadors, At the outset congratulations and sincere thanks for participating in this forum. As we all know, given the inherent varying production rates at various processes, the central objective of Pacemaker process is to control and optimise the inventory (WIP & FG) and avoid overproduction at all stages of value stream. The key here is to select the processes which is reasonably stable and accommodates all product mix in upstream processes. As regards to relevance, the benefits of setting pace maker process is highest for single piece flow production followed by batch production. Once again kudos to all the participants for great answers which were well thought and articulated. To pick up the best answer was as challenging as answering the question itself. Having said that, we feel that Sandhya Kamath’s answer was bit more crisp and specific in addressing the question. Lastly I think what is more important for us is to think, write, read and meditate on various concepts of business excellence and enhance our own knowledge and understanding and along this journey we also create a world class dictionary for business excellence professionals. Cheers!!”