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  1. Dear Murphy, To know how Six Sigma can be helpful for your career go through the following link http://forum.benchmarksixsigma.com/topic/1083-long-term-career-growth/ Six Sigma is practically applicable in all fields/industries check this link to know about its industrial application http://www.benchmarksixsigma.com To check the suitability of time check our event calendar http://benchmarksixsigma.com/cal.html Visit http://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/institutes-students to know more Regards. Nitin Raheja
  2. Dear Narender, You can contact us at 1800-102-3003. For your information, we regularly conduct our Six Sigma Training programs in Delhi/NCR region. Regards, Nitin Raheja
  3. If your employer is proactive, he may decide to train you on Six Sigma. This shall provide business benefits to the employer and career enhancement possibilities to you. On the other hand, you may like to be proactive and go for Six Sigma training early. This leads to wonderful career prospects for you due to the benefit delivering capability that you shall possess. The choice is yours. You may like to take charge of the situation or wait.
  4. Amazing 4 days OF learning the concepts of six sigma, in an encouraging way. - Roshni Ganesan, Student, Arizona State University The pedagogy was highly interactive and the course material was brilliant. The continuous evaluation with team-based quizzes kept the enthusiasm of the participants high throughout the 3 days. Thorough hands-on training on the Statistical software like Minitab would help us not only in Quality Management but in many spheres. Considering the current technological availability and customer(student) expectations, the teaching process is a very high sigma level. - Gautham P R, Student, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade – Kolkata Not just a certification but a complete experience. Keep doing more programs. - Areeb Shaarique, Student, MDI Gurgaon A well-supported trainer who cleared our doubts at every step. - Harish.S.S, student, st.josephs college of engineering It was a fantastic learning experience at benchmark, 4 days whistle past like 4 hours, certainly one of the best places to learn lean six sigma from. It's only fun, never a serious moment yet a huge amount of learning. - Sanket Shambharkar, Student, Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management I liked the course and learned a lot from this. I would like to recommend this to everyone who is interested in learning six sigma. - Anshul Nas, Student, IMI Delhi Very good course to understand the concepts of lean, especially for operations people. - Siddharth Jain, Student, MDI Gurgaon The course was interesting and made me think a step ahead. - Sinduja P, student
  5. We get regular participants from almost all top colleges in India which includes IIMs, Symbiosis, LIBA, IMT, NMIMS, KJ Somaiya, NITIE, NIFT,Indo- German Chamber of Commerce etc Also, We have had students participating foreign Universities like Okayama University Japan, California State University, Fresno, California to name a few.
  6. After undergoing Six Sigma Training, your entire perspective changes, you start looking at problems as opportunities and the current process as improvement area; it changes your entire thought process wherein you start thinking "out of the box". You are able to streamline your work better and start implementing Six Sigma learning in your routine tasks hence your efficiency and effectiveness goes up which leads to higher level of satisfaction.
  7. You learn to identify and define a problem or pain area, you collect and measure the relevant data, analyze the root causes, improve the process by providing the best possible solution, and control it for future sustainability. So you start speaking the language which appeals to the top management, as you gain managerial, technical as well as soft skills.
  8. Yes, Benchmark Six Sigma does conduct in house training sessions within various college campuses across India. We have partnered with some of the leading B Schools. To explore the possibility, students from the leading B Schools can send an email to mo@benchmarksixsigma.org or call us at 07838547722.
  9. Benchmark Six Sigma is a Exemplar Global (Previously RABQSA) Certified TPECS Provider for the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt Competency Units. Exemplar Global (Previously RABQSA) is globally recognized organization that accredits training providers and has offices located in Sydney, Australia, Milwaukee, USA and Seoul. Also please visit, http://www.rabqsa.com/docs/bulletin/bulletin091.pdf
  10. We do provide such assistance through our forum where thousands of our past participants holding senior positions in their respective organizations are actively involved in discussions and experiences about Six Sigma.
  11. The exam is conducted at the end of the training session is to test and eventually reinforce the knowledge acquired during training program. The exam is not difficult if you concentrate on the concepts explained during the training.You can re-appear if you do not qualify the test for the first time.
  12. A student can take up the project during summer internships if he/she is Lean Six Sigma trained while pursuing the first year of professional course. Alternatively an MBA student can pick up a short term project and apply his learning for an edge in career. After joining an organization, you can utilize your learning in three ways Data driven decision making Problem Solving Decision MakingMost companies prefer candidates with the above skills and would like to see such skills in action. It is highly likely that a large organization you join already has people trained by us. Have a look at industry sorted feedback here - http://forum.benchmarksixsigma.com/forum/180-industry-wise-feedback/ Whenever you carry out your first LSS project, we provide free project support. We also provide an additional certification once the project is approved, with no additional charges. Hope this answers your queries.
  13. The duration of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training is 39 hours which Benchmark completes in lesser duration for top B Schools. The sessions run from morning till evening providing the participants with personal attention and lots of group activities, case studies that helps build clarity into each concept covered. We also provide the pre-course material which covers all the contents of Yellow Belt. There is an examination on the last day as per International standards thereby testing the skills acquired during the training for granting Certification
  14. We do offer fees discount for students attending the Open House session along with the Corporate Participants which we conduct in Five Star Hotels in 8 major cities of India. Full fee for corporate participants = Rs. 28000 (Approx) Full Fee for B School participants at Hotel = Rs. 20000/- Fee for B School participants at the Institute (depends on batch size) can be enquired by calling us at 07838547722 or by email at mo@benchmarksixsigma.org Once you pass out from the B School, the applicable fee is at the first bracket mentioned above.
  15. Organizations worldwide seek Six Sigma professionals to achieve excellence, reduce waste, and decrease defects and to enhance productivity. With growing economic uncertainty the demand for Six Sigma professionals has gone up as their performance directly impacts the bottom line, hence they earn senior positions early with very high pay Scales. Six Sigma takes care of both-organizational benefits and individual growth. Six Sigma Professional career begins with Green Belt training leads to Black Belt which takes professionals towards Six Sigma leadership positions. Master Black Belt is for Black Belts. Master Black Belts can play the roles of teachers, mentors, guides and Six Sigma deployment leaders within the organization helping create Six Sigma infrastructure within the company.
  16. Six Sigma Green Belt training requires knowledge of mathematics fundamentals and a basic ability to reason and analyze. These along with an inclination to work hard are the right ingredients to have if one wants to undergo Six Sigma Green Belt training.
  17. Dear Anup, To start with Six Sigma, you must know that Six Sigma has different levels of training i.e. Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt. Green Belt Training is the first level of training and suitable for freshers with engineering and management background or both. Since you have the most suitable qualification, you must go for Green Belt Training as a fresher and then you can upgrade yourself to Black Belt. To know more about Green Belt Training & Certification, kindly provide your contact number and email id. Contact us (Pune) Number: 9323432233 Email: pune@benchmarksixsigma.com Regards, Nitin Raheja
  18. Dear Nabamita, Six Sigma project is not mandatory for Six Sigma training certification. It is advisable to pick up a project for implementing knowledge which you gain during the training program which also refreshes your concepts. Project assistance is also provided through our past participant forum for the first project.
  19. Dear Sameer, Students or any candidate should have a general understanding of basic mathematical functions, the reading comprehension level of a high school graduate, and general proficiency in using Windows-based computer software. This training is suitable for anyone wanting to learn the fundamental skills necessary to contribute to an improved team. In addition, Six Sigma Champions (senior management people), who support Six Sigma, also benefit from our GB. Also, visit http://www.benchmarksixsigma.com/institutes-students
  20. Have a look at Six Sigma in Finance and Banking http://forum.benchmarksixsigma.com/topic/888-examples-of-six-sigma-implementation-in-finance-and-banking/ Benefits can be availed in various functional areas within an insurance company. Have a look at these topics in the home page of the forum Six Sigma in: Marketing HR Finance IT
  21. Please provide details of your processes and your role so that we can help you better. Have a look at http://forum.benchmarksixsigma.com/topic/888-examples-of-six-sigma-implementation-in-finance-and-banking/
  22. Appointing franchisees has a process (sequence of steps) which affects selection of good. franchisees. Six Sigma can be applied in two ways. 1.Designing a better process for identification, selection and appointment of franchisees. 2.Improving the current process for identification, selection and appointment of franchisees. The business objectives could be 1.More franchisees appointed in a given time frame. 2.Better Franchisees appointed Final impact shall be seen in business obtained through franchisees.
  23. Dear Sagar, If you believe in the use of statistical techniques, you can benefit. The whole field of technical analysis (for analysis of stock markets) is based on some sound statistical principles. However, it is a debatable area for application of Six Sigma.
  24. Dear Kelvin, Macmillan, Reader's Digest, Hindustan Times and Reuters are some examples of companies from where participants have come in the past. (although Reuters is a New agency and not a publishing house) Same DMAIC applies here. You need to identify pain areas that you want to work on. These could be customer pain areas or business pain areas, convert them into Six Sigma projects.
  25. Dear Richard, Our Six Sigma Green belt Certification includes LEAN CONCEPTS. For a deep dive into Lean, however we have another add on program called Lean Management Certification. From a career perspective Six Sigma Green Belt should be the first step. Companies do organise lean training internally and do sponsor candidates for lean courses more openly. To make it simpler, Lean is for everyone while Six Sigma learning is for select few (who believe in taking bigger challenges).
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