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  1. Hi Pankaj, I believe I can offer my suggestion to your case. As you have already collected the user logs, you can do a Root Cause Analysis to identify whether the download time exhibit variation with respect to specific factors (Like Specific User A,B,etc or any specific time of the day). You can use Pareto Chart to identify the % wise breakdown which you can further use to drill down or forward it to your IT Team for detailed technical analysis. I would try mapping the data on a scatter plot to check for outliers and identify them as special causes which trigger greater download time. Furthe
  2. How do we compute the P Value for a F Test. I came across a situation where I computed the F Stat and F Critical Value (from the F Table). But was unable to calculate the P Value using the same method used in Normal Z Distribution. If we take a log of both the F Values, will this make the F DIst to a Lognormal Distribution as the lower bound be capped at zero. If yes, can this dist give us the accurate P Value ? Kindly let me know how to calculate the P Value for F Dist and Chi Squared Distributions. Thanks & Regards, Arvind N
  3. Hi Shalini, I am new to fraternity and hence the delay in this post. I would say we have to look at both Productivity (Output Per Manhour) and Efficiency (Probability of Successful Strikes yielding Revenue) as the base for this question. I am from a BPO and understand the billing process for callers. I feel that in order to ensure RoI on callers, we have to set certain targets both in terms of productivity and efficiency. For Productivity, we can have compliance to daily targets. This will only ensure that the stipulated calls per day has been made, nothing else.
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