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  1. HI Manian, Cost of interview refers to cost incured behind one successful interview, this includes the infrastructure cost, cost towards calling and non availability of respondant, remuneration paid to interivewer for the complete 8 hours shift. Cost per interview is not exactly equal to cost per successful interview, there is a cost towards unsuccessful interview. Let me explain the process of interivew, the list is provided to callers in excel format, caller serially calls each number, if the number is picked and the person required is available the person is explained the purpose of study and the on his willingness the interview is conducted, the interivew is punched in CATI software. If the required person is not available caller asks as when he will be available and schedules appointement, sometimes it just becomes a cold call as no one picks up the phone. Laekage in system means - 1. Manpower is not used properly, would like to know better system to use manpower optimum. 2. The cost goes high in calling as telephone call rates are different for landlines, mobiles, std etc. 3. The data provided by client is not good enough as lot of time goes in calling and get correct repondant, we want to interview men, but instaed of cell numbers landline numbers are given, where my productivity becomes down per day.etc 4. There is lack of system to monitor are callers been utilised effectively in a day. As far as questionare matters, it is structured questionare, where interviewer has to click the responses and insome case where any openhanded feedback, interviewer has to key in the same. The calling is done by local MTNL landlines. Hope this clarifies your queries. regards RAjiv
  2. I am heading field department in market research and we have a CATI department, where the telecallers call people from the database which is provided by our client or rarely generated inhouse. We call the data and after willingness and eligibility criteria we conduct interviews. Problem: Our Management feels that the cost per interview is very going high and needs to be cut down, they feel that the efficiency is not used correctly and there is possibility of leakages in systems resulting the cost. There is also a doubt that telephonic cost is high or lines not been used efficientlyHow do I cut down the cost per interview, want to identify loop holes where the cost is getting drained and is not been noticed currently, introduce a efficient system to get max output per caller.Want to develop a Six sigma project, to evaluate the current system, redesign the same to get efficient, inshort want to work DMAIC Please guide on how do I go ahead on the same. with regards Rajiv
  3. HI I am working in Market Research as field manager. Want to understand what kind of survey designs have been worked regards Rajiv
  4. Hi, have you worked on the same, if yes can you please share the same as how you had gone for it and what factors where taken into account
  5. Could you please elaborate how to use the same, may be some example if possible. How do I use the same in existing MRwhere we are doing CSAT. of U&A regards Rajiv
  6. There are various types of projects in MR. To name a few we have... Corporate Image studies, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Feasibility Studies, Usage & Attitude Studies.... with regards Rajiv
  7. What are the areas where Six Sigma can be used in Market Research. How can Six Sigma help in Market Research?
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