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  1. Account-To-Report (ATR) Process: Recording manual journal entries in the month-end involves multiple handoffs each month. Due to high number of journal entries, the month-end closure of accounts also gets delayed. In this case, the Robotic Process Automation Tool i.e. Automation Anywhere was used to reduce the number of manual journal entries by 51% and thereby; hand-offs by 18% Inbound Calling Customer Service Process: Multiple handoffs happen every day wherein customer’s call is transferred to another department to provide resolution. Without making the customer wait, such calls get closed by recording customer’s query and by ensuring call back within an hour
  2. Each LSSBB professional may not possess the relevant experience, knowledge and skill-sets to perform the job but; he / she is still considered as a professional
  3. No My basic understanding is as follows:- Every business problem or improvement opportunity does not need to be resolved with the help of Six Sigma or Design for Six Sigma methodology Every improvement project cannot be treated as Six Sigma (SS) or Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) project The LEAN Six Sigma project selection process and project type criteria vary from industry to industry and company to company The reasoning behind my answer is as follows:- According to my basic understanding, the real challenge lies in the application of SS and DFSS tools and techniques to resolve ongoing & critical business problems. This is the prominent area a Black Belt professional shall be evaluated on; in terms of his / her knowledge, experience and skill-sets This evaluation has no connection with the type of improvement project Black Belt worked on i.e. Six Sigma DMAIC or DMADV Conclusion: If LSSBB professional is competent enough to explain the application of DMAIC or DMADV tools and techniques to deliver savings; in case of multiple & multifaceted improvement projects, then his / her profile shall be short-listed for the position
  4. In this case, a LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt trained professional can think about finding a LEAN Six Sigma consulting and/or coaching organization; which offers authentic process improvement projects to Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt trained associates. The LSSGB or LSSBB certification will also be provided by such organizations. These trained professionals will have to complete their projects at the client site. Such consulting & coaching firms also offer the full-fledged access to in-house project management tools for project completion.
  5. A Six Sigma trainer can be efficient; in terms of his punctuality, preparedness & organizing skills. An effective Six Sigma trainer can be the one who helps participants learn the application of tools and techniques by providing them with real-life and practical examples. The trainer can be efficient but; not effective and vice versa A bus or cab driver can be an efficient or high-speed driver but; an effective driver is the one who ensures that the car itself and passenger too reaches the destination safely. The cab or bus driver can be effective but; not efficient and vice versa
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