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  1. Hai You can six sigma on Quality control,Inventory control of Lab,Turn around time of tests,Instrument uptime to name a few.There are many more to increase the efficency. Dr.D.Radhika
  2. We are doing a project on reducing the electricity units by 5% in few months over existing units.For this how do we calculate the sigma level. Ex:Total units in Month 2008 is 450134 total units in the same month of 2009 is 425716 Tools required to calculate sigma level
  3. No it is that the process continues even in the absence of the doctor by the technical staff but the result validation is done by the doctor next day & only then the is relaeased.If there is a problem it is rechecked or reprocessed based on the problem & issued.The patients are also informed that results come only next day if the sample is given after 4.00p.m. I hope this clarifies your doubt Dr.radhika Chowdary
  4. i am doing a GB project on Turn around time of tests which are received in our laboratory 24/7.The doctors are available from 9a.m to5.30 p.m.The TAT is applicable only when doctors are available & defined as 4 hrs to the patient & my process width is 3.30hrs.The problem is some tests are over in 2hrs & some take 3.30.this is a data where average & S.D varies. What are the statiscal tools applicable for this type of data so that I can complete my project.Kindly help
  5. it is very interesting to see such six sigma projects since it is very important for reducing morbidity & increasing the chance of survival. This article gives us a boost to apply six sigma for analytical phase of clinical care as well
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