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  1. Thankyou Mayank for responding to my question. I agree to all the points you mentioned. Yes, I have started following and participating on the forum to learn and refresh memory. Point 4. I will try to apply with more focus in my life. Thanks again.
  2. I am studying Six Sigma related statistics from many years now. i forget after few weeks. How can i retain the Six Sigma Stats/hypothesis/MSA etc. in mind forever. PS: I know the key is practice on real life projects. but want to understand more tips and techniques to retain knowledge in mind.
  3. Ppk is used to assess the long-term, overall variability, whereas Cpk is the capability index for short-term, potential variability.
  4. NO, It is not solving problem. It may indicate that we are focusing on Improving our numbers and not focusing on actual customer needs and expectations.
  5. I would suggest to pick specific area/ team and keep expanding. As Lean is a culture it will take time and you need lean practitioners who can help spread it in the whole organization. So, start small and create lean champions. You are MBB and know much much better than me off-course. I just shared my thoughts.
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