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  1. Feature creep is the tendency to add features to your product that might derail the core usage or essence of the product. This is undesirable for the below reasons: 1. More features more complications: the end product may end up having so many features that it might get complicated for the end user. 2. More features more issues: the number of issues increase which may lead to employing of additional resources to resolve them 3. More features more cost: the cost of the features may over burden the basic cost of the core product. How to
  2. Water Spider (or Mizusumashi) is one of the keys to successful Lean manufacturing. Mizusumashi is a Japanese term for water spider. These species of spiders have an ability to work between water and air. In manufacturing, it is about the ability to move quickly between production and logistics to all spots whenever required. It helps by eliminating the waste of transportation mostly. This is majorly achieved through 1. Sorting into small quantities of big orders 2. Usage of any device that eases the movement through picking these small quantities
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