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  1. Competency mapping will do the based on individual strength and weakness. The intention is for better understanding of the team members. Also it will help the business to create a new opportunities. Basically its performed during TNA.
  2. it’s a hierarchical one and misses several crucial aspects of knowledge and the new data and information and misses several crucial aspects of knowledge and the new data and information.
  3. Hi All, I have some confusion. Pareto and Pie chart both are giving same details the only thing is design is different. Please clarify what is difference between Pareto chart and pie character except design.
  4. Exactly both are different. Decades ago the industries only had QC as a department. This department was responsible for inspecting defects or errors in the “PRODUCT”. However this started costing a lot to the organisations on hiring inspectors, higher lead time etc. That is when the Quality Assurance emerged. Now this department is responsible for identifying deviations or errors in the “PROCESS”. So QA is a proactive activity where you prevent the defect from happening by attacking in the process itself. For example a leading mobile manufacturing company spending l
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