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  1. Not-for-profit Or the development sector is a huge industry. With billions invested every year for social change with a potential to drive global development, this industry also needs to benefit through scientific methods of Quality Improvement. I invite opinions from aspirants and practitioners of GB and MBBs on why is this theory and its approaches not popular to the development sector? And how in your experience or thinking the sector can benefit from Lean Six Sigma?
  2. What i learn from the central limit theorem and am keen to apply to my work is that, It may not be correct to overly invest in problems, what is more important is to be consistent with actions. Even if there are mistakes being made in the process, it is important to be consistent and keep actions alive, the end result will come to normal. As there will be both negative and positive results from the actions produced, towards the end the extreme results will neutralise and demonstrate normalcy.
  3. The Central Limit Theorem states that no matter how random a sample distribution is, average of a fixed number of samples will show a normal distribution if the sample size is big, at least of 4 variables and the number of average (mean/ mode) taken is large. The distribution gets normal relatively with the number of instances/ averages taken.
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