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    Sigma Level

    The sigma level is always an interesting area of discussion and Long-term Vs Short-term sigma is one of the first things you come across while calculating process capability using Minitab. Some relate this to the time period but most of you got this right linking the difference to common cause Vs special cause variation. In fact, it was tough to choose the best answer with Mohan, Arunesh and R Rajesh providing an appropriate answer. My vote goes to Arunesh for his crisp narration, highlighting the keywords and providing references from where he did his research. Congratulations Arunesh and all the best everyone in pursuing Excellence!
  2. Vivek M

    Seven Wastes of Lean

    The Question was regarding the approach to leverage the concept of 7 wastes & put it to use in an organization. This Q was somewhat open-ended and hence I was expecting the answers to range from an elevator pitch to a comprehensive governance approach. Let me say I was really happy with the responses as many of you inked your answers with your experience. The three selected answers are by Mohan PB, Rajesh Chakrabarty, and Anirudh Kund. Rajesh has provided his answer in a simple and business understandable language and touched upon the important aspects of an implementation approach for an organization. Mohan has presented a complete Lean transformation program with 15 elements and detailing around what each one of them entails. Anirudh has stated definitions of each of the wastes, provided specific examples and also ways to improve or reduce waste in these scenarios. This could be very useful in convincing a hands-on leader While there are several other noteworthy responses, in my view these three are the better ones and the one by Mohan is the best as it is focused on the approach which was the core question. Congrats Mohan and all the best to everyone for the Excellence journey!
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    Poka yoke / Mistake Proofing

    Thanks everyone for providing your answers. As many of you mentioned, Poke Yoke is not only meant for preventingerrors but also for detecting errors thereby reducing defects or lowering its severity. The trick lies in maintaining a balance between acceptable limit of the defect , cost needed to deploy mistake proofing and practical feasibility of the solution(sometimes most challenging). All the given statements are hence true in some way and Arunesh Ramalingam did the best job of explaining the same. Congratulations and thanks everyone for the participation.