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  1. There is no single body designated to provide Six Sigma certification to the quality profession. Almost every one of the tens of companies providing Six Sigma training and consulting also provides certification. Why is this? Because individuals and companies are spending a great deal of money, sometimes in excess of $30,000 per individual, to become trained, and they feel like they should have something to show for it. Hence, certification became a popular add-on service for consulting companies because it allowed them to differentiate between skills levels, as well as charge additional fees. The reasons for certification are the same for any other certification: to display proficiency in the subject matter to increase desirability by employers to potentially increase your salary Ultimately, certification is a professional decision that can only be made by you. In some cases, it will be required for you to advance within an organization. For instance, at some companies, it is a requirement of every salaried employee to be Green Belt trained and certified if they want to be promoted within the organization. In other cases, Six Sigma certification will display your energy and intent to be a leader within the quality profession. from the site: six sigma اسید هیومیک