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  1. NO. first of all what is basically a DMAIC OR DMADV? They are data driven quality strategy used for improvement. My some points 1) Do you really recommend dabbawala to hire a DMAIC strategist. 2) If DMAIC is the master tool then why a big names in the world went down and became bankcrupt including manufacturing giants ( dont wana mention name). 3) the 7 wonders of the world was the combine effort of the skill set used. 4) There are lots of alternate ways to carry a projects, example lean. In my point of view you need a team of skilled people who is pa
  2. Dear All I am really liking this discussion platform Now I hope I l be able to explain exactly what I feel Defect mean any imperfection, short coming or lack in something. Example 1: I have some workers in factory who are running machines...let me talk only about 1 of them, from the data the last breakdown noticed in his machine was 17 years ago...till date he is taking care of his machine and the product is always under control limits. So in this case i can say zero defect is achieved... Example 2: beverages/breweries imdustries from consumer prospective and no
  3. Type 2 error or consumer risk error is very useful in determining sample size. Power and sample size are important and are widely used in our lives. If the pharmaceutical company wants to prove that the medicine is right they have to determine the sample size. Suppose anyone is down with fever and the doctor tells you that the medicine is 99.9% effective, you may ask doctor as to how many patients were considered in the experiment and at what confidence interval. So both the consumer and producer risk can be reduced by increasing sample size. (Obviously increasing sample size will increase the
  4. Dear Sumantha That's out of the box... I think you have been lucky in term of money... That can be in case of malfunction of machine....the possibility of defect can cause by following factors MAN MACHINE MATERIAL METHOD ENVIORNMENT MATERIAL HANDLING I call it as 5M and 1E. The above are the reason for variations and thus causing defect.. Maintaining the above in control limits...you will not get the defects...though oppurtunities of variation will always be there... It is also true that achieving zero defect can be very costly s
  5. It totally depends how u take zero defect.... Example ATM machine ....please let me know if anyone entered an amount and have got different amount from atm machine... Zero defect is achievable...but it also depend on process which is under observation....
  6. The process maturity model shows you how close your project is to being complete and whether it is capable of improvement, in order to be mature. A mature project has to be completely useful, reliable and continuously improving. The maturity of a process can go from Level 1 (the least mature) to level 5 (the most mature): Level 0 ­ no guarantee of either achieving the desired result or respecting timelines. Level 1 ­ it may be doubtful that the activity is being performed according to the document. Level 2 ­ the activity is being deployed, but there is inconsistency in t
  7. In order to improve profitability, efficiency and effectiveness, there is a continuous focus on eliminating all aspects of the manufacturing process or activity that add no value from your customers perpective Starting with the PPAP to the lot approval and then manufacturing, everything we are doing to convert Raw material to finish goods dispatched to the customer or from approval of customer to be served in service industry, we have a conversion cost to it. Therefore the focus is to make product which is conformance to the requirement of customer. Any activity which is not adding any v
  8. Every data which is measured will show some variation as no two pieces are alike. The variation may be defined as the numerical value used to indicate how widely a piece for wich the data has been taken varies. We always have a noice factor in a process which cause variation and therefore we get the bell shape curve instead of one vertical line of target (means every dimension is equal to the target without variation). Thus it is always important to understand what kind of variation is affecting the process as the course of action to be taken depends on the type of variance.
  9. SIPOC or COPIS provides a simple framework while performing any process discovery or any improvemment activity. Once need to know the broad picture and how it can fit into the business. SIPOC is a high-level view of the “as is” state of a process under investigation It is very important to get a high level understanding of the scope in the process first, so one should use sipoc when any improvement activity is underway. SIPOC helps provides a structured way to discuss a process and get consensus and understanding on what it involves before we rushoff to draw proces
  10. In an automated machine a small abnormality can produce hundreds of defective products quickly. Hence mass production of defective products cannot be prevented in the automated machine In order to eliminate this shortcoming of the automated machine, Toyota uses Autonomation, i.e. Automation with a human touch. This idea originated from Toyoda Sakichi with the invention of auto-activated weaving machine. This weaving machine will stop instantly if any one of the threads broke. The machine automated with a human touch is equipped with automatic stopping devices for abnormal situ
  11. In hypothesis testing, the statistician is likely to prove that whether the data is statistically significant and unlikely to have occurred by chance alone. A hypothesis test is a test of significance. Once the statistician has collected data and you test hypothesis against the likelihood of chance, he draws his final conclusion. If he reject the null hypothesis than he is claiming that the result is statistically significant and that it did not happen by luck or chance. As such, the outcome proves the alternative hypothesis. If he fails to reject the null hypothesis than it is con
  12. I put forward the first point...the human error is not possible at all As in our forging industry we have implemented poka yoke for underheat and overheat billets as per die specification...as the induction billet heater will over heat or under heat billet...it can prove to be very fatal for the person working on forging as well as die...the temp of billets is also important in view of rejection since the pressure and the impact of vertical die on component is also a deciding factor for the life of die as well as providing first pass yield. So the forher will always get a right temp bille
  13. Takt time is actually a german word for beat (as in drum beat) adopted by japanese and in term by lean community. It is very useful as the relation between cycle time and customer demand rate matters, because it helps us to understand the waste and oppurtunity. It helps us to understand what we are heading towards. It aligns process towards needs. Formula for takt time is = Available minutes for production / required units of production For me i think "Takt is a choice" by this i mean that it is more than maths of customer demand rate over time, actually it is an o
  14. CENTRAL LIMIT THEOREM refines the LAW OF LARGE NUMBERS The Law of large numbers gives the conditions under which sample moments converge to population moments as sample size increases While The cenrral limit theorem provides information about the rate at which sample moments converge to population moments as sample size increases Regarding second part of question William Watt said, “Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say.” Some of the examples which might creat
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