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  1. Bath curve is representations of product life cycle failure rate . It's combines three kind of failure 1. Early failure modes 2. Random failure modes 3. Failure modes due to wear and tear In early product life cycle most of the failure are faced due to process and quality issues . It's more of functional failure in nature as customer irritent. Random failure is of random nature and its combination of design and quality issue. Every product has declared product life, so as it covers time product faces wear and leads to functional failure. This is more of de
  2. Looking at all the five metrics , following are recommended priority for call center for credit card support services Call center for any credit card support services carry out various sub function. 1. Compliant handling which is more time based feedback and satisfaction level. 2. Enquires which is more of information sharing to the satisfactory level. 3. Support requirement which is execution of work in accordance with customers requirement 4. And rewards points which is Customer fulfillment of desire beyond expectation. These requiremen
  3. Looking at all the five metrics for classroom training , following are recommended priority. Class room training has many aspect which various with customer satisfaction like trainer, location of training, accessibility of location, facility of training, training time and brakes, food and re-freshments. The format of feedback plays major importance over type of method adopted however the matrices shall have following priority. 1. NPS : Net promoter score gives will indicate the likelihood of deciding priority over factors which catch customer and further improvement scope in more dire
  4. Looking at all the five metrics , following are recommended priority. 1. NPS : Net promoter score gives you detailed service and can be analyzed further statistically in broader margin over time span. It can also indicate the market impact and mouth publicity that is going to affect future product sale. The further analysis can indicate the impact of various initiative taken and can be compared over last period in detail format. 2. CES : This indicate comparison over Satisfied over unsatisfied customer. The indicative figure shows the comparison over unsatisfied hence an verdi
  5. What is Inventory: Inventory is conventionally referred in supply chain management for the goods which is additional in quantity and intended to cop-up crises such as lead time of procurement/ process / as selection choices to customer / meet emergency requirement or volume based sourcing . Lets take following examples for detailed understanding across various industries. 1. Manufacturing industry (Inventory to suit best lead time) In manufacturing based on product making process each product has to go through various stages. Each stage has different process time and
  6. Compliant handling process mentioned in short, few things are missing. Let's go through the gaps when we compare standard process. 1. How the customer identified, is there any customer login page which is not mentioned in the article. If there is, how it is. What's the required content and if it time consuming and unnecessary details. If no how they identified if the item is bought from that particular shop. 2. Bill or receipt mentions the details of product not only for commercial purpose but also track batch code for identifying vendor and batch for reverse investigation. It'
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