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  1. Hi Abhinav, Thankyou for your interest in the article. Below i have tried to answer your query regarding the challenges faced while implementing DDDM. 1. Accuracy of data used for D3M 2. Performance of data analytics algorithms 3. Data filtering so as to feed relevant data only in the system 4. Availability of data online and to the right people 5. User friendliness of the system All these are the factors that need consideration for a sound D3M mechanism in place. If not, then benefits of D3M would be negated. Thanks.
  2. Thankyou so much for appreciating the submission.
  3. Thankyou for appreciating the submission.
  4. Hi Gopala, Thanks for appreciating the submission. I would try and write mores such informative articles.
  5. Hi Harneet, Thankyou for sharing your views about the article.
  6. Hi Sonhal, Thanks for bringing forth an interesting perspective that whether DDDM can be applied for small scale family business or not. The decision for applyiing DDDM is based on various reaqsons. Some of them are: 1. Increase the scale- Current Coverage and Potential capacity 2. Huge data to analyse 3. Earlier insights into future situations 4. Increase efficiency and thus drive profits 5. Sound backing for decisions taken If these are the reasons present in any case then DDDM can be applied in the case as these can be eaily fulfilled. For a small scale business, DDD
  7. Hi Abhijeet, Thankyou for liking the article and I would try and write more on varied other concepts as well. Thanks.
  8. Hi Tejinder, Thankyou for appreciating the submission,
  9. Hi Sonhal, Thankyou for liking the article.
  10. Hi Anubhav, Thanks for showing interest towards this submission.
  11. Hi Sagar, Thanks for appreciating the article and that it helped you in understanding the concept of DDDM. Thanks.
  12. Hi Ankit, Thanks very much. Hope it helped. Thanks.
  13. Hi Soubhik, Thanks for your interest in the submission. The points mentioned above that DDDM is based on past sales, production and procurement data is true and its benefits are immense. The article highlights the advantages that could have been achieved in the two cases occurred in past where in the manager had taken decisions based on gut feeling instead of D3M approach. Experience along with data backed analysis gives much more efficient results and reduces uncertainties to minimum. So, D3M approach should be deployed as far as possible. Thanks.
  14. Hi Jayati, Thanks for your query. Below I have tried to answer the same. D3M process is performed largely with the help of data analytics software packages. In these systems, data is fed and they deploy predictive models such as Bayesian Plots to predict future demands and supplies. Example: JDA provides supply chain softwares for Data Forecasting and Replenishment. It considers the historical data,current balance on hand, on order to provide forecasts for placing orders. Its underlying mechanism is D3M only. Also, the example stated by you of E3 systems which are automatic war
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