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Participant Interview - Rahul More, Cognizant.



Vishwadeep Khatri from Benchmark Six Sigma recently interviewed Rahul More, who is a Manager, Quality Assurance at Cognizant to find out how Six Sigma training has been shaping his career.

BSS : Rahul, can you share with us some details of your career journey?

Rahul More: I started with a technology company after my post graduation 10 years ago in Sales and Marketing function. It was here that I got my first Six Sigma exposure. My initial Six Sigma projects were on receivables management and creation of business dashboards.

Due to the initial Six Sigma competence, I was able to work with a cross functional business excellence team and spent good 5 years in my first company. I moved to Infosys as a process consultant in 2002 where Six Sigma was initiated already. I got into a quality leadership role in my next assignment where I was instrumental in CMMI, ISO 27001 and PMI implementation.

In my current role, I have developed an estimation mechanism for SAP practice. I am working on financial estimation model currently. Needless to say, six sigma tools have been useful in all these roles.

BSS: You have undergone Black Belt training from Benchmark. How was your experience?

Rahul More: The training was good. I can recall that there were many useful practical examples. The level of interaction was very good. We generated many application oriented thoughts during the team exercises.

BSS: What kind of Six Sigma projects have you been working on?

Rahul More: Projects on bringing down the cost of poor quality are quite common. Defect reduction, appraisal cost reduction, productivity improvement projects are carried out. With ITIL, SLA management with specification limits is a primary focus.

BSS: Which Six Sigma tools have you applied more often?

Rahul More: We work with FMEA, regression, simulations, normality and distribution analysis, statistical process control. I would say practically all Six Sigma tools are being used with exception of one or two.

With version 1.2 for CMMI, there is greater focus on statistical analysis and more people are getting involved in the learning and application.

BSS: What kind of benefits have you derived due to Six Sigma knowledge?

Rahul More: Six Sigma terminology is what I use day in and day out. Project management, Requirements management, Capability assessment; each element requires a quantitative approach and Six Sigma comes into play.

BSS:- What inputs should be provided to project managers in IT domain?

Rahul More: The bare minimum requirement for a project manager is Green Belt training. With clients asking for higher value, project managers should ideally be Black Belt trained.

BSS:- What should be the role of Six Sigma in current recessionary scenario?

Rahul More: Clients are pressing hard for productivity, first time right performances, and reduced completion times. There is practically no choice but to build six sigma competences and deliver higher value.

BSS:- In your current company, how many people are engaged in Six Sigma initiative?

Rahul More: I cannot tell you much about this. What I can say is that more than 10,000 people have conceptual knowledge of Six Sigma and basic tools.

BSS:- What direction do you see for yourself in the coming period?

Rahul More: Being through the business, development and qualityperspectives in 10 years, I plan to focus on some of the advanced Six Sigma skills soon.

BSS: Do you have any improvement suggestion for Benchmark Six Sigma?

Rahul More: It would be great if Benchmark can organise workshop showing integration of Six Sigma with other quality approaches and bring more clarity on the subject.

BSS: Thank you for your time and willingness to share your experience with the Six Sigma community.


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