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Participant Interview - Nalla Rajnikanth, Sr. Quality Manager At Csc.



On behalf of Benchmark Six Sigma, Vishwadeep Khatri interviewed Nalla Rajnikanth, currently working as Sr Quality Manager with CSC. He has undergone Green Belt and Black Belt training from Benchmark Six Sigma.

BSS : Can You share with us details of your career journey till now?

Nalla Rajnikanth: I did my MBA in Finance from Osmania University and taught mathematics for 7 years. I moved to software quality assurance. My first break was in consulting in ISO 27001 and software quality. I worked for Satyam on IS, OHSAS and EMS and moved to First Consulting Group is where I am now.

BSS: Which Six Sigma concepts have you been using?

Nalla Rajnikanth: Testing hypotheses for Software testing has been an area of maximum usage.

BSS: How has Six Sigma impacted your personal and professional life?

Nalla Rajnikanth: It has been a lot of change. The way in which I focus, understand and implement things has undergone a sea change. I am providing valuable training sessions within the company. I have trained people in SEPG group.

BSS : You have undergone training from Benchmark. How was your experience?

Nalla Rajnikanth: Benchmark training has helped a lot. I am able to imagine value addition across industry and across functional

BSS : Do you have any suggestion for our programs?

Nalla Rajnikanth: Additional examples for software sector will be most welcome.

BSS: What kind of benefits have You derived due to Six Sigma knowledge? How has Your job profile been impacted by Six Sigma expertise?

Nalla Rajnikanth: The way in which people look at me has changed. I am able to add a lot more value. I am able to suggest and recommend at meetings with more confidence and can back it up with data and techniques.

BSS: Based on your suggestions we have added additional inputs for software professionals. One example is assessment of PCE and DCE for development projects. We are also considering industry specific subgroups in our forums. Thank you for your time and suggestions.


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