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Participant Interview - Guruprasad Ms, Associate Manager Quality With Tyco Electronics.



On behalf of Benchmark Six Sigma, Vishwadeep Khatri interviewed Guruprasad MS, currently working as Associate Manager Quality, with Tyco Electronics. He has undergone Green Belt and Black Belt training from Benchmark Six Sigma.

BSS : Can You share with us details of your career journey till now?

Guruprasad: Started as design engineer nine years ago, moved to quality management, and finally to business excellence. I did Green Belt from Benchmark Six Sigma (I was with Goemetrics Ltd at that time). We carried out some projects whereby productivity in a process was doubled. I went through Black Belt training also while working with Geometric.

I recently joined Tyco Electronics where lean six sigma is being implemented. We have a program called Tyco Electronics Operating Advantage. I expect to play an important role in this program.

BSS: Which Six Sigma techniques have you been using?

Guruprasad: We have been using DOE, Hypothesis testing have been used a lot.

BSS: How has Six Sigma impacted your personal and professional life?

Guruprasad: When I say I am Black Belt, I get lot more respect. I am able to contribute with a lot of value at many discussions. I am at a level which I did not imagine earlier. Six Sigma techniques have applicability at so many places. I have been benefiting a lot in personal and professional life.

BSS : You have undergone training from Benchmark. How was your experience?

Guruprasad: Green Belt was highly interactive and enjoyable. Black Belt was a lot of experience sharing. Both programs were excellent.

BSS : Do you have any suggestion for our programs?

Guruprasad:As such, I do not have any improvement suggestions. I have worked with Omnex consultancy earlier. I can say that Benchmark training is a superior program and the training methodology is unparalleled.

BSS:- What career direction do you see for yourself in the coming period?

Guruprasad: I want to continue in the career and complete my MBB. I look forward to attending MBB with Bencmark in future. You have been doing a wonderful job.


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