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Participant Interview - Nayan Veera.




On behalf of Benchmark Six Sigma, Vishwadeep Khatri interviewed Nayan Veera, who has undergone Master Black Belt training recently from Benchmark Six Sigma.

BSS : Nayan, can you share with us details of your career journey till now?

Nayan Veera: I started with Quality in my office and had undergone YB training in house and wanted to go for a higher level of training. Later was GB trained in the office and also took part in a few projects but that was not sufficient. I still wanted to enhance my skills and found the right opportunity by joining the BB program with Benchmark and later progressed with the MBB program. I am very pleased with the training and skills that I got out from the training.

BSS : Nayan, Was there something that can be considered as an important decision in your career (which you can regard as the turning point of your career?)

Nayan Veera: MBB indeed will be a turning point in my life as till now I was unable to grab good opportunities available in the market but now as I am enhanced with the excellent skills, I am sure that I will be able to grab the best offers available in the market. So, this was indeed a turning point in my life as I am able to visualize the bigger picture now.

BSS: Which phase do you find as the most challenging in a Six Sigma project?

Nayan Veera: Analyse phase was a little challenging for me, as there are multiple tests that we need to do in this stage and I was a little confused amongst the same.

BSS: How has Six Sigma impacted your personal and professional life?

Nayan Veera: Looking at my future was a little scary before doing completing the BB and MBB but now things have changed for me. I am very confident that with the skills that I have got, I will be able to grab a better future for my self. The also have a very positive impact on my personal life as well. It has completely changed the way I used to look at things.

BSS : What kind of Six Sigma projects have you been working on? Are there any projects which you would like to mention?

Nayan Veera: Currently I have been working on projects within my organization in relation with Cost reduction and projects on scores or KPI improvement. Now that I have completed my MBB, I wish to work in different areas and explore new opportunities for improvement in different industry. I have ongoing talks with a hospital and a C and F agency in Hyderabad for completing the projects in there.

BSS : You have undergone training from Benchmark. How was your experience?

Nayan Veera: In the market, you get tens of thousands of materials on Lean and Six Sigma, even I went through a couple of them but was unable to understand any thing out of that. Then I had decided that I will attend the BB program through Benchmark and found that to be too good to understand and also implement. I have personally recommended the same to many of my colleagues and my managers. For the same reason, I decided to also complete the MBB through Benchmark and also found that to be far better than any one in the market.

BSS : Do you have any suggestion for our programs?

Nayan Veera: There is one thing that I would like to mention here, all the participants are ready to pay any amount that you all suggest. Please try to expand the program duration of MBB from 5 days to at least 8 days.

BSS: Which Six Sigma tools have you applied more often?

Nayan Veera: DOE, FMEA

BSS: What kind of benefits have you derived due to Six Sigma knowledge? How has your job profile been impacted by Six Sigma expertise?

Nayan Veera: Currently I am unable to practice much in my current organization but as I have mentioned earlier, I am about to start with a few more projects in other organizations, I am sure that I will gain more benefits and I aim to grow in this field.

BSS:- What career direction do you see for yourself in the coming period?

Nayan Veera: To grow in the field of quality and Six Sigma and become an AVP quality of some good organization in the coming years.


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