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Lean Six Sigma in Background Verification

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Someone asked me how Lean Six Sigma will be put to use in a background check process. 


Here is the sequence that one may like to follow to identify and complete a project - 


  1. Identify the biggest business challenges in Background Verification sequences. This could be in Education, Employment or Criminal. Let us say, that the challenge is fake certificates for qualification or employment. 
  2. Once the biggest challenge area is identified, we will focus on the process. Which sequence is creating a bigger challenge? Is it verification through centralized database or through email verification or field verification? Let us say, the process to be worked upon is the email based verification process. 
  3. We can now get into Define phase of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project. Our problem, let us say, is defined as - Poor response rates in email based employment verification from previous employers of a candidate.
  4. The Measure phase will look into our process flow along with past trends and whether our response rate data is reliable. We use certain techniaues for these objectives. 
  5. The Analyze phase will focus upon finding the root cause of the problem. There can be several reasons why response rate is poor. Some of them are controllable, others are not. We need to finalize our list of prioritized causes using some techniques. 
  6. Improve phase will require finding solution for the cause verified in Analyze phase. 
  7. This will be followed by Control phase where we need to ensure that the improved process with better response rate is managed consistently in future. 


In the background check processes, there are mulstiple areas worth exploring with DMAIC projects. Some examples are - 


  • Improving fake certificate identification ability. 
  • Improve criminal verification processes through courts and police stations. 
  • Improve reliability of social media scanning for objectionable behaviour. 
  • Enhance accuracy of educational qualification checks. 
  • Improve knowledge base for enhanced results in employment verfication processes. 


Hope this helps. 

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