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Fatal Error Project

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Hi All,

I am doing a project on Fatal Error %age (Working on only Defectives), since the data is discrete...no regression or correlation can be done. Moreover data on which baselining has been done is also NOT NORMAL. Would it be advisable to transform the data to NORMAL through Johnson Transformation and conduct Analyze Phase or shall i continue with non normal data and apply applicable tools & tests. What all are the tests which we can apply here apart from C&E / Pareto and Hypothesis Testing.

Would appreciate quick responses




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Hi Vineet,

Since you are working with a primary metric that is discrete, you don't have to really worry about normality analysis or tests - unless you want to assume that the data is "roughly" continuous and this is a relatively good approximation for the discrete data that you have. If you have a large enough data set and many possible values of Y, this assumption may be okay. If you choose this route, and the data is not normal, I would recommend that you use the appropriate non-parametric tools like (moods median, mann-whitney etc).

If you choose to work with Y as discrete, and your X is also discrete, you would use a 1-proportion, 2-proportion, or a Chi-Square test. If your X is continuous, then you would potentially have to do a logistic regression.


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