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The course content of the black belt training was beyond my expectation. Truly one of the best training curriculums.

- Bikramjit Singh Sethi, Manager, IP Management Consulting Services, Thomson Reuters


It’s a really very nice experience attending the Six Sigma training as it contains lot many examples, which will help me in my work area.

- Preeti Singh, Senior Lead Quality Assurance, Infosys


Effective in a very short span of time with a lot of examples making it easier to relate to real life situations.

- Suman Ray, IT Consultant, Atos


Comprehensive and brief understanding of six sigma tools and methodologies was explained in a very systematic way. Pace of the training was good.

- Nisha Khithani, Deputy manager, Hexaware BPS (old name: Caliber Point Business Solutions)


I loved the training program, having under a year of experience in the software field; I look forward that this certification will give me a lot more scope in my field in future.

- Tamal Bhattacharjee, Software Developer, Axsys Technologies Limited


The most challenging but rewarding 4 days of learning. This training has now equipped me with tools and techniques that I can rely on when faced with process engineering.

- Sangeeth Kumar K, Manager, Products and Processes, Redisolve Software Private Limited


"This Course helps and provides me knowledge how to overcome problems solved by the  Reasarch method and the Data problems solution."

- Rishabh Siddharth, Altisource


The best thing about this program is the Tutor and the way he teaches. Material is also very good.

- Arun Kumar, Senior Quality Analyst, Oracle (India) Ltd


Trainer’s way of Delivery in the course. It was always a great fun learning from him.

- Chandra Kumar S, IT Transition Manager, Microland


The Training was fantastic. All the methodologies taught were connected with examples which made the learning process easy and effective.

- Achary Vinod Kumar Murugan, Senior Report Analyst, Sutherland Global Services.


General opinion about statistics is "very boring subject". But I never felt the same during the session due to excellent and interesting way of conveying the concepts by the trainer to me. I am little sad that the course is getting completed within four days.


I loved the interaction between participants and trainers, Easy and real life examples, scoring mechanism, detailed course material.

- Abdul Rasheed, Quality Analyst, Oracle Software Solutions India


This is a wonderful program. I understood the statistical & six sigma concepts very clearly. I would strongly recommend this course to all those who want to do a six sigma green belt certification.

- Abhishek Mahadevan, Team Leader, Cognizant Technology Solutions

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

Here are some feedback of our participants from the IT sector who recently completed their training.

It was an excellent program and the trainer made it simple to understand the concepts in a very simple manner.
- Hema Iyer, Program Manager,Dell India Pvt. Ltd.

Benchmark Six Sigma is truly a benchmark when it comes to Six Sigma training. The length and breadth of the topics covered, the knowledge and quality of instructors and most importantly their desire to make you understand Six Sigma rather than merely a certificate is simply mind-blowing!
- P. Vinay Bharadwaj, Operations Analyst, HP Globalsoft.

When put through an unfamiliar situation , these methods & techniques would guide through - in our professional encounters.
- Preethi Athreya, Project Manager, ABB India Ltd.

It is a very comprehensive and well paced program, taking the participants to a new platform of Six Sigma concepts.
- Somil Tiwari, SAP Consultant, MindTree Ltd.

Great workshop, with right set of material, instructor and tool kit.
- K.S.Vijayanand, Network Consultation Engineer, Servion Global Solution.

Excellent Learning!! I feel confident and much mature as far as six sigma concepts are concerned after attending the session. Thanks for such a wonderful and knowledgeable session.
- Prajanma Pundhir, Assistant Manager - Quality, IBM.

Join Benchmark to know the real values of six sigma.
- S.P.Parthiban., Senior Process Associate, TCS.

Informative, interactive and lively methods were used to explain the complex concepts.
- Prakash Iyer, DGM, Nelito Systems Limited.

Six Sigma training offered by Benchmark Six Sigma would be of immense use to all the QA professionals.
- Surya Prakash Kale, Assistant General Manager(QA), Nelito Systems Limited.

One of the best Six Sigma course content coverage. The teaching methodology is superb!!
- Amitabh Verma, Senior Member Technical Staff, VMware Inc.

Bench mark six sigma black belt training is really very good and effective.
- Radhika Parthasarathy, Quality Analyst, Verizon Data Services India Pvt ltd.

The traning and content is structured very well. The concepts are explained with real business situations that makes it very very interesting.
- Anupam Sarda, Techncal Lead, Verizon Data Services Limited.

This is the best training that I have ever attended in my professional career.
- Mohammed Habibuddin, QA Lead, Infosage Systems India Pvt Limited.

Very informative class, instructors are humorous, knowledgable and helpful.
- Paras Mamania, Technical Analyst, Yardi Systems.

The course is well constructed and instructor is very good.
- Sourav Biswas, IT Engineer, Cisco Systems.

The instructor's idea of teaching the course was very innovative which increased the grasping power to retain the course content.
- Syed M.K Zeeshan, Software Engineer, Accenture Services Private Limited.

Benchmark Six Sigma is the best place to get six sigma certification.
- Manish Sharma, Sr. Executive, IBM Global Process Services.

I liked the entire lean concept.Excellent work!! I would always love to enroll for more courses that help me in improving service quality.
- Anoop ShyamSundar, Change and problem manager, IBM India pvt. ltd.

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

Study materials were fantastic and helped us to understand the concepts better. Minitab exercises were awesome.
- R.S.Krupa Sundari, Quality Analyst, IBM India Pvt.Ltd.

The QUIZ conducted was very good which enabled us to understand the concepts.The course also enabled us to know the usage of Minitab.
- Ruth Mary Joseph, Quality Analyst, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

Excellent institution for six sigma training.
- Shyamala Jayaraj, Lead Quality Analyst, IBM.

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

Benchmark Six Sigma's Black Belt is a program that will help all participants understand how to take up BB / GB projects in all areas based on the knowledge gained.
- UnniKrishnan Madathil Koliyat, Manager - Quality Assurance, Genisys Software.

The approach was very good & the session on all 4 days was veryinteresting & very interactive.
- Banumathi Gunaseelan, Quality Manager, BAeHAL Software Ltd.

This is by far the best training program (in terms of ROI) that I have attended.
- Syama Sundar Cheruvu, Senior Project Manager, Tata Consultancy Services.

Very good course. Recommended for all the professionals. I feel that atleast all the professionals should go through the Green Belt Training so that they can understand the basics of Six Sigma which will definitely help them to improve their basic processes.
- Shiv Swaroop Sharma, Group Leader, 3DPLM Software Solutions Ltd.

"Excellent course structure and instructors! You will not need anything else."
- Kyle D'lyma, Senior Marketing Strategist, Directi.

The training and the methodology provided by Benchmark Six Sigma is the best and excellent!!
- Shankari.S, Group Coordinator, Dell.

I liked the training methodology and course materials of Benchmark Six Sigma.
- Valli Annamalai, Quality Analyst, Dell.

4 great days of conceptualization Six Sigma alongwith teamwork activities has radically changed my approach towards Process Improvement Methodologies. Looking forward to return to Benchmark for BB and MBB.
- Austin Augustin Rodrigues, Deputy General Manager, Suvidhaa Infoserve Private Limited.

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Great way of teaching that makes the concepts very clear and the class room interaction with different groups enhances the learning. Would recommend this to everyone who wants to improve the way, things are functioning in the organization.

- Anupam Sarda, Technical Lead, Verizon Data Services India Pvt Limited.


One of the best training I have attended so far. The toughest concepts are taught in a way that we can remember them for long.

- P S Satya Swapna, HR Executive, Polaris Software Labs Ltd.


Benchmark six sigma has imparted in me a new learning on how to systematically solve the problems and reduce or eliminate the waste/defects and continue improving the quality of the product.

- Bharat Bhushan, Senior System Analyst, Valuelabs.

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It's been an excellent exposure to Six Sigma during Black Black Belt training from Benchmark. It revealed the hidden aspects of tools and methodologies being used widely. Surely this will be of immense help in further career move.

- Vipin Kumar, BOA, AON Hewitt.

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Very Interactive and positive atmosphere created by the instructor and maintained throughout the course duration.

- Leena Jayachandran, Developer Tools- bSolution Specialist for India, Microsoft Corporation.


The classroom sessions are of top quality and the Instructor was even better in making us understand all the concepts.

- Rahul G R, Associate systems Engineer, IBM India Pvt Ltd.

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I liked the examples given to understand, interaction during the course and topics covered. "Benchmark Rocks".

- Premnath Kalatheeswaran, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, BAeHAL.


I liked the instructor and his ability to relate with loads of practical day today example and making concepts simple to understand and apply. Its really amazing the way complex six sigma tools and stats were expleined in simple and effective manner to apply in regular projects.

- Roopesh Singh, Senior Consultant, MindTree Ltd.

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I liked the training methodology.

- Amit Goswami, Delivery Project Manager, IBM.


The trainer was very knowledgeable.

- Crichelle Mendonca, Sr. Manager Business Excellence, Tata Interactive Systems.

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I liked the delivery, presentation and the training course material. Keep up the good work.

- Rakhee Srivastava, Project Coordinator, IBM.


Liked the logical flow of the course material and the way it was presented. I came to know about the industry examples and few interesting facts.

- Manikandan V., Senior Consultant, IBM.

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Benchmark Six Sigma material and course is very helpful in understanding the concepts and implementing those in live projects.
- Prachi Yatin Rane, Quality Manager, Lionbridge Technologies.

Trainer's knowledge on the subject was excellent and he was able to make me understand all the topics with different examples.
- Pradeep Kandpal, Asst. Manager- Quality Audit, Greenpoint Global.

Most in depth coverage of statistical concepts I ever witnessed since college.
- Vinayak Raghuvamshi, Sr. Manager- Development, Symantec Corporation.

Excellent service provided right from the course inquiry till the completion of the training.
- Gangadhara Rao Jaladanki, SQA Engineer, Fulcrum Worldwide Software Pvt. Ltd.

Good Training & Good Material.
- Rajesh Meher Pudi, QA - Lead, JDA Software India Ltd.

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Benchmark Six Sigma is an institute which delivers quality training programs with quality trainers.

- Amey Milind Karandikar, ERP Implementer, Tasaa Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.


Examples illustrated during the course were really easy to understand the concepts. There was a high focus on applying statistics as a problem solver.

- Debashish Jena, Lead-Quality, HCL Infosystems Limited.


Benchmark is a brand in six sigma certifications along with experienced faculty & covering almost all the tools within a short span of duration.

- Mohit Arora, Manager, NIIT Technologies.


I am really impressed by the professionalism shown by Benchmark. I have interacted with a lot of Six Sigma professionals, however, VK has stood up to be the most knowledgeable so far. Glad to do BB from Benchmark !!!

- Preet Malik, Associate Manager, CSC.


A learning center to equip you with desired knowledge and skills required in the Six Sigma Process improvement journey with an armor of tools to use in various situations.

- Sanjay Shah, Quality Manager, ATOS.


The training provided a lot of clarity on hidden / majorly unknown concepts. The facilitator made it easy for the participants to understand concepts by sharing a lot of real time examples.

- Vivek Vashishtha, Senior Manager, IBM Global

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I was using six sigma concepts without proper understanding.Through this training, I learned how effectively six sigma is used in my projects.

- Valliammai Ramu, Quality Analyst, IBM.


The training will help us to reduce waste from any process and help the company to increase customer value in a fast pace.

- Saurabh Pant, Assistant Manager, Dimension India Pvt. Ltd.


Course Material is thought to provoke and reference material by Trainers are extremely helpful to stay competitive in business.

- Jitendranath Palem, Lead QA, IBM


The training is wonderful and the instructor is very knowledgeable on the topic.

- Sasikumar Kondalraj, Senior Project Manager, Polaris.


The green belt training sessions are very useful and I have gained confidence in applying the techniques and methods in my organization. Specifically, the trainer is extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all our queries.

- Sujatha Shanmugam, Manager - Quality, GAVS Technologies.

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Very well organized training and a golden star to the instructor who made this learning experience more enjoyable and lively.

- Harvinder Kaur, System Engineer, CSC India Pvt. Ltd.


The course was very helpful in understanding how to use Six Sigma tools in real life situations to bring benefits to the organization.

- Sameer Sharma, Senior SAP Consultant.


Benchmark is a leader in Six Sigma Training.

- G S Krishna Chaitanya, Engineer, Mahindra Satyam.


The training is more interactive and practical rather than being only theoretical.

- Malavika Jami, Quality Analyst, Value Labs.


The GB course was conducted in a professional manner, with in depth details of various Six Sigma tools and the intent of applying those tools.

- Shishir Pant, Project Manager.


I liked the way the course was designed and the Instructor's ability.

- Vikkirala Prem Kishore, Project Manager, Affordable Business Solutions.

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Best training ever had in my life.

- Vishal Bajpai, Project Leader, Tata Consultancy Services.


Great Learning experience! Ease of understanding is ensured for toughest of topics.

- Anupma Sharma, Assistant Manager, Tech Mahindra.

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I learned a lot from the reality examples explained from various fields on how to apply and where to apply the tools and techniques taught here. I thank the trainer for the Excellent session from Benchmark. I really say this is a must-go session for everyone in the industry to know how to use statistical tools and techniques in real life for achievements.
- Sivaram Venkatasubramanian, Senior Software Engineer, Mercury Technosoft Private Limited.

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Benchmark personifies its name in the field of Six Sigma implementation.

- Ajit Menon, Tech Lead, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt Ltd


Excellent 5 days of learning. Have learnt lot about our process and now we are confident of implementing Six Sigma.

- Dipak Trivedi, Deputy Manager, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt Ltd


The way course was conducted was fantanstic.  Instructor covered all topics with proper details. Very nice

- Hiren Patel, Tech Lead, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt. Ltd


The trainer was upto the mark and was thoroughly involved in imparting the training in the most efficient way. The course did not like too subjective as the trainer understood our process quickly and took our data as samples. It was the perfect way to keep us connected.

- Ishneet Singh, TECH LEAD, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt. Ltd


Lean six Sigma was the best training I have ever get, this training would help us a lot in implementation phase in our process.

- Pradipsinh Solanki, Dy. Manager, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Benchamark provides a complete practial hands on practices which can help anyone to implement DMAIC and improve.

- Rakesh Patel, Cyberoam Technologies Pvt Ltd


The Course material was very informative. The trainer was very knowledgable and helped us in each and every step of learning. He went out of the day to help us understand the lean six sigma intricacies.

- Srijan Nandi, Head - Cyberoam GSMC, Cyberoaam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Useful Training, really want to appriciate Dr. Shantunu for solving all the queries.

- Nitin Agarwal, Supplier Manager, TomTom India Private Limited


I liked the manner in which the concepts were taught. Plenty of useful examples were given to make the concepts clearer and bring in the real time application of them.

- Anjali Vijayaraghavan, Software Developer, Accenture Services Pvt Ltd


Teaching method opted by both the trainers deserves appreciation. It was a very interactive session.

Kavitha Muthu, Quality Expert, IBM INDIA


I refer this course to all the employees who would like to bring quality in their projects.

- Varalakshmi Dheeraj, Sr. Consultant, Wipro Technologies

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A  very well structured course with good instructor with ample amount of problems to explore.


- Rohan Kumar, Rohan Kumar, Mavenclickz


Lean Six sigma Green Belt training methods by Benchmark enabled me to appreciate the structured approach to quality implementation at effective cost which had motivated me to nominate myself for the Black belt training. As the head of a business, I expect to deliver better service to my clients while also stepping up the quality of our own business. Thanks Benchmark!!


- ROOPA J MENON, Business Head , Adept Business Solutions Pvt.Ltd.


The way the course was conducted was very good. I'm new to quality still was able to understand the techniques easily.


- P. Lakshmi Balaji, Manager , Cognizant Technology Solutions 


Quality benchmark enhancement program and the relativity of the tools in the existing process and projects in the industry is a boon in our functional knowledge so it’s a thumbs up to participate.


- Minti Puri, Naukri.com (Infoedge group)


All that makes it the perfect place are the trainers at the Benchmark, they have length and depth of the subject, which makes the learning much easier!!!!


- Tantepudi Sanjeev Kumar, Cognizant

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Great Facilitator , Touch based illustrations, team-Involvement and hence a knowledgeable cum interesting training to undergo.
 " Paisa and time wasool program "

- Manish Kumar, Software Engineer, Wipro Infotech



Brilliantly designed course and moreover the best instructor I have ever encountered in my life. He has in-depth knowledge with excellent sense of humor and is an excellent motivator.

- Saibal Kumar Ghosh, Solution Architect, Wipro



Bencmark gives us extra potential to groom us at a faster rate that we prove we are the best..

- Chittaranjan Das, Sr. Quality Analysist, Mphasis an HP Company



The course content was in the easiest of languages possible and the experience of which was further enhanced by supporting reference documents and software techniques. The wealth of knowledge shared by the trainer makes one feel enlightened and I look forward to incorporating the knowledge gathered not only in my professional life but also things that you can imbibe in your personal life (of course you need to have a vision for that). It was exceptional to say the least. Thank you Benchmark!!

- Debnath Modak, Senior Software Engineer (Level - E), Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.



The progression of the training was immaculate and has really activated the dormant parts of my grey cells.

- Gaurav basu Roy, Level F, Accenture



Trainer made my 4 days much easy with his natural ability to teach. One of my best instructors I have ever encountered. He is the biggest factor that I am sure would differentiate this course from so many others available today.

- KOUSIK  MANDAL, Poduct SME, Cognizant




- Yogita Shah, Business Manager & Client Contract Management, LOGICASH SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LTD.



Resourcefulness and knowledge of the Instructor and his ability to keep the participants engaged. Also the course material touched all relevant aspects.

- Bhaskar Banerjee, Program Manager, Orange Business Services

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Trainer kept things "moving" with no boredom which can set in when you attend a session on "concepts". He tried to connect it to the industry.

- Sandeep Gadgil, Senior Manager - Delivery Excellence, Mphasis Ltd


The training environment was excellent. The trainer made the topic like six sigma having lots of statistical methods so light to digest. Special thanks to the trainer.

- Swapnil Singh Yuwrajsingh Thakur, Business Analyst, HSBC Software Development India PVT. LTD.

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This program is designed for all level of participants. It is simple and easy to understand.
- Ravindera S, Siemens Information Systems

It was difficult for me, initially, to fathom that four days of training would imbibe in me all the attitude that would take my firm to higher levels of effectiveness, however seeing is believing ....and I came....and I saw ...and I believed....

-Jac Varkey C, Datamatics Ltd.

I came into this course looking at it as a typical training program but was pleasantly surprised by the quality, relevance and depth of the program.
- Anand Kumar, IT Head-South Asia, Mousanto Company.

Benchmark Six Sigma's training has actually made a significant impact on me. The facilitator's subject matter expertise is extraordinary.
-Ratan Kuamr Kinhal, Functional Consultant, Satyam Computers Services Ltd.

This course has brought to light components and workings of processes that I did not know existed. I would suggest this course to anyone who thinks they have reached the pinnacle of understanding. You will be surprised.
-Apoorva Penkar, Business manager, Tackyon IT Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

The faculty is outstanding. The most striking feature is teaching a complex topic in an easy and comprehensive way with real life examples.
-Dabayan Ghosh,Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Very interesting, knowledgable and with its help it would be easier for future planning and process. 
-Gautam Kothari, Process Manager, Limtex Infotech Ltd.

A great program to attend, if you want a paradigm shift of your business in a good way.
- Prem Pillai, Google Online India Ltd.

Thetrainer presented the tools in a very effective way.
- Rajiv Sharma, Wipro.

The GB certification programme is a very useful way to find the rate of defects and errors and come out with a solution which is supported by data and not just assumptions.
- Rajesh Kumar Singh, Accenture Services (p) Ltd.

Good course that gives lot of inputs for those handling customer services and leading large teams.
- Pavan Kumar T.P., Reliance Infocomm.

The training is simply outstanding. It is an eye-opener for n-number of opportunities for improvement. 
-Prasanta Kumar A, Sr. Software Engineer, Wipro.

The training rally opens ones mind to a more systematic and methodic approach in personal and professional life. 
-K. Ravi Shakar, Manager, ITES, Rishi Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Best course to change your way of thinking. 
-Pinaki Deochake, Sr Process Designer, Techmahindra Ltd.

The best thing about the course is it gives the liberty to test different methods to improve the process and reduce the defect rate in the process. 
-Ayub Khan, Team Coach, Solutions Unlimited.

The design of the course which has been made in such a pattern that it is understandable by a lay man. The faculty and his way of teaching is awesome. 
-Arijeet Roy, Circle Manager, Wipro Infotech.

This is one of the best program as it is well designed content and delivery in a concise time frame. 
-Sonya Grover, Manager, WIPRO.

Benchmark Six Sigma has shown me the path and set a benchmark for myself to improve. 
-Ashish Gopal Banerjee, Group Lead, WIPRO.

A very well structured course with emphasis on industry specific application areas. 
-Anupam Biswas, IT Manager, CMC Limited.

Six Sigma is key towards perfection. It not only helps to find defect but also to improve and control it also. 
-Vijaykumar R Kokate, Sr. Tech Support, Electronic Data System (EDS).

The way the course was delivered was fantastic. Phased approach facilitated understanding of the concept clearly. 
-Avishek Bhattacharjee, Consultant QA, Octavo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Value for money and time invested in the training. 
-Kalyan Basak, Sr. Associate, Siemens Information Systems Ltd.

This course helped me to take decisions in terms of recruitment, process modifications and solve problems. 
-Adhiraj Bandyopadhyay, Associate Consultant, IBC Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.

The course starts from the basic, which needs no prior understanding of Six Sigma. 
-Manjunath B, Sr. Q.A, Sun Guard Technology Services.

Excellent workshop - good education, rewarding. 
-Dr. Prasanna Y.A, Team Lead, Marlabs Software P. Ltd.

Really goodone for one who is looking for a career growth vertically. 
-Dumpala Sharath Chandra, Test Engineer, Intelligroup Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Benchmark Six Sigma proved that even a 8 month experienced person can apply six sigma concepts in the industries. 
-Ashwin Navaneedan, Satyam Computers.

Indepth knowledge of the Instructor and his communication ability.
- Rajeev Dua, Director, Sun Microsystems.

It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program.
- Praveen Jangira, HP.

You are one of the most professional training institute that I have taken a training at, and specifically your course is very structured and above par excellence. 
-Harigopal NJ Dasa, BD Manager, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. 

This training not only addressed by expectations but has influenced the way I think. This has given me confidence that we can fix issues if we want to and know how. 
-Javed Islam, Team Lead, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

A good training to refine the knowledge of approaching and handling real time processes. 
-K. Arun Prashanth, Senior Scientist, Biobase Databases India Pvt. Ltd.

Excellent real time examples and program that correlate to any kind of industry. 
-Hari Hara Sudhan K, Sr. System Analyst, Crimsonlogic Pvt. India Ltd.

Tools provided in the course are easy to use in practice.
- B Rayaguru, Tata Infotech Ltd.

I liked the examples that were used through out helped in easy understanding. This course is very good for those who are totally new to six sigma concept.I didn't have any previous knowledge of six sigma but I could very well grasp what was being taught here.Very interactive and good course.
-Kaweri, Business Analyst, Infosys

Excellent Trainer, Very Well Organized. This Course has been most enlightning. It is a must do for anyone aiming higher in their professional life.
-Hareesh, Senior Business Analyst, AOL.

Course Delivery, content structure and instructor's presentation were excellent.
-Umasankar Pandurangan, Service Delivery Manager, IPsoft India Pvt Ltd.

Six Sigma techniques are very relevant to today's competitive world. Benchmark Trainers have pioneered the technique so well that after the course one (participant) tends to lookout for Cause and Effect for almost every activity (professional and person). If these are best implemented then this will lead to a better and efficient work place and career.
-Harish Kumara Anandan, SDLC Consultant, ACI Worldwide Solutions Pvt Ltd .

Very informative & interactive program delivered by a highly competent instructor.
-Sanjay Saxena, Manager - Site Operations (South), IBM.

The course material and the way the course was conducted made it very interesting to learn six sigma concepts with the use of day-to-day examples used by instructor in an apt way.
-Senzeer Ummer, Quality Control Officer, ABUDHABI Commercial Bank.

Very well designed and well delivered training program. Very interesting way of presentation with ample use of modern training aids. Writing down the key points, and actually building up the concepts step-by-step by writing while teaching, ensured to a very large extent that we were 'with' the faculty throughout the sessions, rather than drifting away, as happens in a mere slideshow presentation.
-Swati Pai, Quality Consultant, Tech Mahindra Ltd. 

On this course learning was so much fun and still very effective!
-Tiina-Liisa Huhtanen, Field Quality Manager, St - Ericsson.

Green Belt is a carrier guideline for those who are working in process based industries.
-Biranchi Narayan Mishra, Technical service professional, IBM.

I really liked the real life examples VK gave. Had the concepts been explained in theoretical way, we would have been extremely bored! It turned out to be very interesting and the way I could relate it to my real life experience was amazing. 
-Radha Kolli (IT Industry).

Green Belt session by Vishwadeep was great. He has wonderful knack for making difficult topics easy through humour and practical examples. The session was well coordinated by Benchmark.
-Firoz Ansari, Project Manager, Fiserv.

The course is worthwhile attending and it has improved my overall knowledge on the six sigma concepts and helped me to understand the methodical approach for any improvement initiative.
-Lakshmi Natarajan, Project Manager, INITTO Technologies India Pvt Ltd.

Great training with easy, relevant and good recall value...
-Niloy Kumar, System Engg, Adobe

Complex issues were explained using examples for students with non-statistical background with applicability for your own workplace.
-Philip Rohan Ekanayaka: IT Senior Project Manager, Infoconsult Inc.

Excellent !! Super SMART way of grooming up professionals to gear up for any challenge or initiative.
-Chandrashekar Santhemoenahalli, Associate IT Consultant, Tata Elxsi Ltd.

The Organised Structure of training & Training materials was superb. It covered more than what I expected.
-S.Ganapathy, Subject Matter Expert, TCS.

The best thing was all topics were explained with good examples, which gives better understanding.
-Bharati Ram Teke, Quality Analyst, G5 Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

One of the Best Trainings that I have attended which helped me in understanding how Six Sigma can really bring a difference in our day to day operations and add value to our Businesses.
-K.Kalyani, AM (ITES PROCESS) - Smart Bridge solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Method of the training being imparted is what I liked the most.
-Dheeraj Paliwal, Manager QA, Diginitive Web Solutions.

The course was very interesting and motivating, the discussions will help me a lot by applying these formulas in my current job.
-Md.Hashmath Ali, Account Manager- Nortech Infonet Pvt. Ltd.

The delivery mechanism of the instructor includes very relevant examples with daily life that can be understood by anybody, keeping the environment light. One of the best instructors that I have come across in my external trainings.
-Pankaj Bhutani, Consultant- Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Course content was very good and the trainer was exceptionally knowledgeable. 
-Sanjay Dravid, Project Manager, ORACLE.

The program is very well organised and presented in a nice ambience under the tutelage of a highly trained and energetic trainer. Overall it's an amazing course with less that 3.4 defects per million 
-Saurabh Jain, Engineer, Accenture

As a project manager, I always wanted a Swiss army knife. Benchmark showed it to me and taught me how to use it. On this last day of the training, I can see myself as being more confident about delivering to my current job function. I am looking forward to use these tools to ensure better deliveries to my global clients.
-Vijaykumar Shivajirao Pawar, Project Manager, Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd.

"Benchmark Six Sigma covers & really teaches about Six Sigma implementation with real life examples and not only the theoretical knowledge transformation"
-Vikas Sharma, Technology Site Manager, Mphasis.

Yes, this type of training program gives us the vision where the processes are not giving the correct output. By taking this training program what I feel is now I can better understand and implement the processes and make the project a critical one for my company.
-Anuj Singhal, Sr. Software Engg, Computer Science Corporation.

Very useful tools and excellent facilitation skills...
-Reema Mehta, Manager Office Services, Sapient.

The examples quoted were picked from real life situations and were easy to relate with the concepts being explained.
-Vanita Panwar, Manager Global Support, Sapient.

It can be implemented in our day-day life also.
-A.N. Namratha, Sales Associate, Dell.

Trainer's ability to address all queries, take up several discussions and still finish the course on time is amazing.
-Susmita Vavilala, Asst. Manager, HCL COMNET.

This program is best suited for a novice.
-Bhargavi P, Business Analyst, HP.

The training gave a good insight into the overall Six Sigma process and it can be a great starter for folks focussing on building careers around Six Sigma.
-Ramkumar Durgam, Senior Consultant, Microsoft.

Brilliant organization and support before and during the course. Top notch instructor - Possibly the best Six Sigma Instructor in India who makes learning exciting and fun.
-Devasis Roy, Chief Manager, Eastern Software System.

A Must Attend Course for all Senior Level and Executive Level Management
-Kapil Gupta, DGM Service, HCL Technologies

All concepts were explained with relevant and effective examples
-Kumar Abhishek, Training Manager, Dell.

The Program was great what was even better was the style of delivery, excellent stuff overall
-Prabhu Subramanian, Manager (Quality and Training), All Sec.

I would definitely like to attend more training programmes like BB, from Benchmark Six Sigma.
-Roselin Leopold, Deputy Manager - corporate, IBM.

The way of presentation in an interesting and derivable way was quite an impressive show.
-Arindam Banerjee, Executive, Reliance Infosolutions.

Trainer's knowledge level and training contents were out of ordinary.
-Sangeetha Viswanathan Nair, Process Coordinator, Siemens.

The course was taught in a very simple manner with lots of examples.
-Sarita Mohanty, Process Consultant ,Tech Mahindra.

The study materials, presentation and kit in CD are very interesting and insightful.
-Kala PV, QA, Thesis Technologies.

It is an excellent organization (Benchmark Sixsigma) to handle the quality aspects (especially Six Sigma and lean Management). I am very much pleased to suggest this Benchmark Six Sigma program to anybody. 
-Ganesan Ellappan, Senior Software Quality Engineer, Aspire System.

It is an excellent program to understand "How useful the six sigma is?" to improve the Financial benefit & customer satisfaction for an organisation.
-Saravanan Sabapathi, Manager - Quality, SMTechindia.

Six sigma helped me in handing projects in a professional way
-Vinod Rao R , Sr Test Specialist, IBM.

Very well structured course material. Training conducted was not only from exam point of view but it was ensured that concepts were cleared.
-Bhavin Ashok kumar Mehta, System Analyst, Cybage Software Pvt Ltd.

Help topics with example about how to implement the methodologies practically were the most interesting part.
-Harinkumar B. Koshti, Project Manager, Gateway Technolabs.

"I've been thinking of doing this course for long...and after attaining it, I feel I can make my professional tasks better."
-Shah Bhavyank, MBA Fresher, SDM- IMD Mysore.

This programme changed my approach and thinking process of human being to address the situation. It brought radical change in thinking to come up with "new ideas"
-Uma Maheswara Rao Pemma, Senior Consultant, WIPRO Consulting Services.

The training was superb. The concepts and examples explained were helpful.
-Jatin Khanna, Functional Consultant, LOGICA PVT LTD.

Benchmark Six Sigma GB training provides complete insight into the concepts and real time application of six sigma methodologies and tools. It's a wonderfully designed course for participants from various diversified industries.
-Manohar Joshi, Sr. Mgr - QA, Ion Idea.

Benchmark is doing a terrific job in imparting knowledge to people on six sigma who are unaware of the concept, and at the same time people who want to use this as a career path.
-Sourav Ghosal, Associate Business Analyst, Infosys.

A good disciplined training and positive approach from the trainer, and the best service provided from the marketing team in placing us in the program and fraternity forum to give more value added and exceptional service and training.
-Vikranth Savanth, Quality assurance Analyst, ISGN.

Even the most difficult terms/statistical concepts/techniques were explained in a very simple fashion which made the learning easy. Statistical Softwares were the best part. Trainer has wonderful knowledge about the course and its practical applications.
-Santhi A Jha, Senior Testing Engineer, Mercer.

The session was very interactive with practical examples in day to day work environment.
-Satya Prakash, Underwriter, Steria.

One of the best internationally certified course with lots of help and support from the concerned.
-Kumar Rajnish, Sr Team Leader, Luminous Engineering.

Best institute for quality training.
-Karthikeyan Sambandam, Support Engineer, HCL Technologies.

The course content & the tutor were simply the best.
-Harshad Jain, Head Operations, C-Tech India.

The Interactive way of teaching and the guide's knowledge were really good.
-Nilmadhab Mandal, Consultant, FAS.

Excellent course to get ahead in problem solving !
-Unmesh Ballal, QA Engineer, Oracle.

It was an amazing experience attending Vishwadeep's training. The content of the program is very effective as most of the classroom problems are made keeping real life situations. Sessions from visiting alumni of benchmark is really helpful. Overall I rate the training program as the best available six sigma program.
-Prem Krishna, Quality Assurance, Sintel.

This is a 'one size - fit all' kind of a course for people who are trying to venture into 6-sigma journey or practitioners who do not have full understanding of concepts or the students who are well versed with theory but do not have practical knowledge to apply the concepts.
-P Kalyana Chakravarthy, APM, HSBC. 

The program's focus is on explaining the concepts in a simple way. Complex statistics have been made simple.
-Ashutosh Srivastav, Project Manager, Hexaware Technologies.

This is an excellent training course for Black Belt and the prospective Black Belts. 
-Girish, Team Lead, TCS.

It has been a fantastic experience where the complex concepts can be understood very easily with the relevant examples given and course material provided. The learning out of this training can be applied in the organisations very well and it can create wonders through process optimization, increase in productivity, enhance Customer satisfaction and least but not the least: the bottomline of "Money saving".
-Mukund Mishrikoti, Senior Project Manager, L&T Infotech.

The course provides in depth knowledge to understand the ways of making the business inputs better and to get desired outputs.The tools of Green Belt can be applied to almost all the verticals of my Company.I would take a moment to acknowledge the way Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri has delivered the contents so far - simply FANTASTIC, he made almost all the concepts very easy to understand. He is really a great Facilitator.
-Jandeep Singh, Manager, NIIT(IT).

I have learned a lot of Six sigma processes/steps from this course since the facilitator has provided good training along with his practical experiences.
-Othisamy Sadaiyappa Gounder, Module Lead- Operations Engineering, Ciena Learning Solutions(IT).

I liked the approach towards practical requirement, presentation methods to keep the statistical principles simple and interesting.
- Ravi P., Senior Manager, Alcatel Lucent.

The training covers vast information about 6 sigma. The facilitator is awesome! Great session!
- Arun Praveen Sethuraman, Project Leader, Wipro Technologies.

I liked the trainer's method of teaching and the course material.
- K.Shravan Kumar, Manager Quality Assurance, Solivar Software Development Pvt Ltd.

The course is well organized with good assignments.The training has motivated me to go ahead for the Black Belt training.
Padma Sushama Mudigonda, Manager - Process, Applabs.

The course was very interesting and well explained.
- Rebecca Claudius, Executive Assistant, HCL.

I liked the quality management and the process of the training.
- Yogesh Pendharkar, Program Manager, ITC Infotech.

"Excellent facilitator, properly structured topics, good material and convenient location !!"
This was the best training that I have experienced so far, way better than the ones in my (current) organization. The facilitator has been a HUGE motivating factor in making us understand the concepts. All credit goes to him for our success in our future endeavors in Six Sigma.
- Sujan Nandy Sarkar, Senior Analyst, Sometotal Systems.

I liked the case study based practical approach of the trainer.There was an excellent course delivery method where even the critical contents are explained very well through examples.
- Animesh Tiwari, Quality Manager, Aegis.

The best about the training was the instructors excellent knowledge and mode of conducting it. I must say that it was an excellent course-full of knowledge.
- Neeraj Singhal, Project Manager, Gateway Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. (IT).

The training was well structured and designed and guided very passionately by the facilitator.
- Nishant Shah, Business Development Manager, Hexing Technology Pty Ltd (IT).

I liked the lively nature of the instructor with jokes in between - this is very relaxing during the training and helps to think with free mind.
- Umesh Rao, Lead Consultant, Stratify Software Pvt Ltd (IT).

Every query was answered in an effective manner & things explained in very lay man term before starting any topic.
Akshay Kumar Sardana, Team Leader - Quality, HCL Technologies BPO Services Ltd.

The trainer is very much interactive.
- Al Jubair, Asst Manager, Alcatel Lucent.

The training was excellent and productive.
- Harish Sharma, Manager, Moserbaer India Ltd(IT)

One of the best internationally certified course with lots of help and support from the concerned.
- Kumar Rajnish, Sr Team Leader, Luminious Engineering (IT).

Worth to attend, strong foundation to get long term benefits.
- Anuj Verma,Dy Manager, Moserbaer.

I liked the course content, methodology and the examples used during the training.It was an interactive session overall.
- Ashit Saini, Design Engineer, GE Industries(IT).

The teaching methodology of the trainer is really appreciable.
- Kopparthi Pavan Kumar, ERP Testing Head, Mahindra Satyam (IT).

I enjoyed the problems,games and the case studies conducted during the training.
- Nitin Panchanathan.

Benchmark has a got a comprehensive study material, good case studies, and a very experienced facilitator.
- Shahjahan H, Quality Manager, Wipro.

I liked the way the training program was conducted. It was very interactive and interesting.
Great Trainer!!! Great Learning Experience!!!
- Divya Gill, Senior Manager Training, IHTM (IT).

I really enjoyed the way of implementing Six Sigma with humorous examples :-) -- three cheers to Mr. VK 
"Six Sigma certification - Benchmark will enable you to dig under grey areas (unknown solutions for unknown pain areas) for implementation of Six Sigma in software industry."
- Harry Kumar, Technology Analyst, LnT Infotech(IT).

The course was very informative, knowledgeable & enthusiastic.
- Renuka S Nair, Team Lead - Software Quality Analyst, Accenture.

Benchmark Six Sigma will not only help in improving your business process skills but will also be helpful in managing your life with more sophisticated or well structured processes.
- Rishi Chahal, Operations Manager, Rasilant Technologies(IT).

The logical structure of the course facilitates in better understanding on applying a particular technique for the given problems / tasks.
- Karthikeyan S., Solutions Architect, TAKE Solutions (IT).

After attending this training I got a good understanding of the underlying principles of Six Sigma.Now I have some knowledge on applying the same to Software Industry (both from Development and Support projects perspective) 
I must say that it is an excellent program for getting a good foundation on the concepts on Six Sigma.
- Sairam Kalyanasundaram, Senior Project Manager, Cambridge Solutions Ltd.(IT).

The course content and the presentation skills of the Faculty was really appreciable.I liked the practical examples for the statistical concepts covered in the course.
- Theperumal Balasubramanian, Associate Manager, CSC, India Pvt. Ltd. (IT).

I liked the course content and the facilitation method of training !!
- Anjali Goyal, Junior Technical Associate(JTA), Tech Mahindra (IT)

A must attend session for all those who wish to improve their statistical concepts to improve process quality.
- Bharti Sharma, Quality Associate, Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd. (IT)

I liked the course content and the facilitation method of training.This course is paved with Gold.
- Pradeep Sharma, Production Coordinator, Avery dennison(IT)

The course helped me a lot to understand the Quality/process improvement methodologies.
- Ashwin Shetty, Manager, NESS Technology

Six Sigma knowledge which I have gained from Benchmark Six Sigma will be very helpful to me in improving the efficiency of my functional activity on the job.
- Mamta Solanki, Specialist Comp & Benefits.

I liked the way the course was conducted - very interactive and was made very interesting.I am now thinking about enrolling in Black Belt.
- Srinivas Akasar, Business Analyst, TESCO(IT)

A must do for all who wish to drive improvement.
- Animesh Tiwari, Quality Manager, Aegis(IT)

I was really impressed by the course content & topics covered in the training.
- Harshad L. Jain, Head Operations, C Tech India(IT)

Valuable and needed training for multiple industry's and professions.
- Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Sr. Managing Consultant / Sr. IT Architect, IBM Global.

Fantastic Learning Experience! I would recommend every Green Belt to undergo the Black belt Training as the learning curve is commendable within a span of couple of weeks.
- Shankaranarayanan G A, Test Process Evangelist, MindTree Ltd.(IT)

Very interesting, interactive, informative and implementable training.
- Harimurugadass G, Senior Associate-QA, ExcelaCom Technologies (IT)

I liked the course structure, it's delivery, the time spent on topics and the clarifications provided.
- Ilangathir Venugopal, Analyst-QA, ExcelaCom Technologies(IT)

The session was great and gives good exposure to the concepts.
- Vinodhinee Sharma, Customer Satisfaction Manager, Collabnet(IT)

I liked the way the training was handled by the trainer and the various exercise performed and also the Course content.
- Vivek Kumar. J, Senior Analyst-QA, ExcelaCom Technologies(IT)

Trainer is excellent,course material is very good.Looking forward to join BB training.
- Salice Thomas, Manager, Wipro(IT)

Six sigma is a disciplined methodology that Benchmark makes you understand in a disciplined way.
- Bhakti Kanungo,Software Engineer Junior, N K Electronics(IT)

Simply an excellent eye-opener on the subject giving more visibility to strengthen my career & meeting the business objectives & goals.
- Prasad Kizhoor Variyam, Team Lead, Accenture(IT)

This course improves your analytical ability and thinking process towards any business problem or personal problem.
- Rahul Singh Jhara, Deputy Manager, Accenture(IT)

I like the presenter and his presenataion skills, scenarios discussed and the method of explanation" It is a must-not-miss for both novice and experienced people.A great fun filled way to learn such a serious topic.
- Shahab Khan, Project Manager, Satyam(IT)

The course is an unique combination of six sigma, lean, ToC & Triz. It helps in diving deeper into related techniques and tools.
- Anil Kumar Sharma, Project Manager, Brickred Technologies(IT)

The course had lot of practical examples which helps one to understand concepts with real time situations.I believe every one should go for this training program as it helps you to think logically, makes you adopt data driven approach and helps you to arrive at right conclusions.
- Girish Misra, Manager-Helpdesk, Amadeus India Pvt Ltd.

"Thanks to Benchmark for enhancing my knowledge and to give a direction to my career."
- Rishi Chahal, Operations Manager, Rasilant Technologies(IT)

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I loved how the concepts were taught. It was linked with relevant examples which showed how it can be used to what we do. Approach on the concept has made the understanding easy!!

- Mister T, Process Excellence, Cognizant Technology Solutions.


The faculty has got rich experience and he handles the queries in a well-matured way. This keeps the session lively.

- Kannan Jayaraman, Senior Manager - Quality, HCL Technology.

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Guest Vijay Mohnani


This was probably the best learning I had outside my organization that I would be using in my organization :)

- Anil, Assistant Manager, Adobe


The overall course content is concise, very effective and is perfectly complimented by practical usage.

- Gautam Garg, Assistant Manager, Adobe


Approach & looking towards and the problem is basic however leads to best quality and outcome.

- Hitesh Thakur, Manager, Adobe


The training methodology was exceptional. Explaining all the topics, with real time examples to make the concepts easier to understand.

Suhani Lalwani, Technical Support Consultant


Very professional and well-planned course mapped out by the Benchmark team.

- Abha M. Dungdung, Associate Vice President, Inautix Technologies Pvt Ltd.


Benchmark actual has the ability to simplify the complex learnings of Lean Six Sigma.

- Rohith Nayak

Great information sharing & relating the tools with practical use, in a systematic approach.

- Sanjit Singh Anand


The training covered all aspects, two-way communication and subjects well covered, questions answered.

- Farah Firoze, Associate Quality Manager, Tech Mahindra


It was very useful and the entire day program was very interesting throughout the day. It gave us a very rich knowledge about Lean Six Sigma.

- Caroline Maria Arasu

I initially thought this would be another boring class and enrolled just for the certificate but now I really gained a lot out of this and it is really helpful.

- Padhma Shajaasini T K




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