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Abhishek Mishra

Participants from Abroad

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A large number of professionals from all over the world prefer programs from Benchmark Six Sigma. Here is what some of them feel....

Very effective and simple way to get acquainted with Six Sigma concepts and methodology
-Alain Comparet, VP Quality, Power Business, Schneider Electric (France).

I found the Six Sigma course really effective and learned a lot of techniques in 4 days. The presenter has done an excellent job in planning each and every topic in a dynamic way.
-Mohammed Azam Mahmood, Logistics Support, KBR Inc (USA).

A six sigma green belt program will go a long way in giving us managers a clearer perspective and ability to bring down errors/defects within the organization. The way the trainer(VK) kept all of us engrossed in learning of six sigma techmiques, made the course interesting and lively.
-Gerrard M. Joseph, Site Manager, B.P.(Australia).

Structured content and effective teaching for a person with no strong statistical background.
-Vijo Menon, Software Developer, Broward Health (US).

I think this is the best course in India.
- Ramandeep Singh Dosanjh,Technical Services Consultant, Saudi Aramco(Oil and Gas)

The course has enabled me to be a better decision maker and has also enhanced my skills.
- Boby George Jacob, GM (Admin, HR and QHSE), Al Jaber Group of Companies.

The Course on the whole was a brainstorming session, forcing us to think beyond the helms of our perception. The quiz was the best, not to forget the activities that earned us points to prove if we have understood the concepts well or not!! The training is so intensive that one can't stop thinking even after the sessions are over. With a huge insight into what quality is and what it means to the industry at large, these sessions were definitely about what I was expecting to take back home!! By the way, do not let the stats component scare you............ these guys really ease it out!!
- Seena Biju, Senior Lecturer, Manipal University (Dubai Campus).

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

Here are some of the feedback from our participants who recently completed their training.


The course material, as well as pre-course material contents, are excellent in learning Six Sigma Green Belt.

- Partha Pratim Maity, QA/QC Manager, Gulf Petrochemical Services (Muscat, Oman).


Excellent professional training on all aspects, first, the quality of the trainer (it might be quite intense, but the trainer was very skilled in the animation and brought an excellent atmosphere), methodology used (case studies, practical approach, team working), then the logistic (venue, presentation tools, lunches...) used, the interactivity with other participants from different and rich backgrounds. I will definitely go for the next training.

- Djibril Michael Kone, Project Manager, Alcatel Lucent (Nigeria).


Fantastic course for people wanting a world class training in six sigma from a globally experienced trainer.

- Mohammed Riyaz Ali, Sales Manager, BSkyB(UK).

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Guest Benchmark Six Sigma

This is a fantastic course to improve and validate new methods for the benefit of the organization.

- Narinder Singh Rana, Analytical Chemist, International Flavours & Fragrances, Australia.


I am pleased that I sacrificed my Christmas holiday 2010 to gain this lifetime knowledge which is relevant to managing and improving the profitability of establishments. I believe my return on investment will be massive. This knowledge is a must for all leaders.

- Okezie Emmanuel Emuaga, Consultant.

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The workshop was highly interactive as lots of exercises were done in the class. The facilitator was brilliant with immense knowledge of the subject matter. Looking forward to next training with Benchmark. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in taking six sigma training.

- Raj Upadhyay, Senior Business Analyst, Accident Compensation Corporation.(Newzealand)


I liked the overall structure, design and content of the training.

- Sojwal Pohekar, Student.(US)


Excellent training programme!!

- Ajith Kumar C.R., Senior Product Engineer, Zamil Air conditioners. (Saudi Arabia)


Truly the course is worthwhile to improve knowledge and concepts for application. It will certainly improve my area/industry and I will be returning back for Black Belt.

- Shashi Kiran, Sr Manager Logistics & supply chain, Landmark International LLC. (Dubai)


The course was excellent. It created a way for systematic and scientific approach to any problem solving.

- Vijaya Kumar Kanike, Project Manager, Busana Apparel Group. (Indonesia)

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Great Program!!

- Bent Schroeder, Senior Director, Danfoss (Denmark).


The fundamentals of the course are really appreciable.

- Ifeanyi N. Iro, Sales Manager, Royal Index (Dubai).


Logistics and supporting materials for six sigma are very detailed and good.

- Teresa Sherin Pamela. C, Quality Process Analyst, Emirates Group (Dubai).


The Case studies and Simulation Games gave a very good insight of lean.

- Chandana Perera, Lecturer, University of Moratuwa. (Sri Lanka)


The course contents are well crafted and easy to understand through out the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course by understanding the lean techniques which will be applied in day to day operations.

- Shashi Kiran .H.K, Sr Manager- Logistics & supply chain, Landmark International. (Dubai)

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I liked the training delivery!!

- Mushtaque Rahamat, General Manager, Al Jeaidi Trdg.Co.(Dubai)


The training is beneficial for everyone.

- Praveen Kumar Madikanti, B.M., VR INT. (London).


I enjoyed every moment of the training. Go for Benchmark, if you are looking for SSGB, SSBB, lean study.

- Kapadia Aslam Abdulkarim, Mechanical Engineer, Zanil Airconditioners (Saudi Arabia).


Excellent course material and faculty.

- DARSHANKUMAR J.SHUKLA, Process Engineer, SABIC-Hadeed.(Saudi Arabia).

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The topics were well explained and with fun. The trainer’s teaching skill is really appreciable.

- Maryam Nader, Senior Quality Officer, Seha/ Al Rahba Hospital (ABU DHABI, UAE.)


The course content was very well designed and presented. Excellent course, excellent delivery! World class!!

- Fazle Naqvi, Director - Enterprise Solutions, Sierra Infosys Inc. (USA)

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Impressed with the professional approach of Benchmark and the trainer.
-Pravesh Jugun, Senior Manager-Head, Program Execution Group, Mau Bank

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Very Interesting and challenging experience that will be fundamental importance when applying in day to day activity.
-Sattar Mohammad Imran, Senior Manager, CEO Office, Mau Bank Ltd.

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