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  1. Hi, I am a Six Sigma Black Belt trained professional. I had already started a project in E-publishing but could not completed due to the lack of management support. I have years of experience in Quality management system and looking for permanent job in six sigma may be green belt level also. Location is Chennai. Anyone can contact me at logujay1176@gmail.com for any openings in Chennai. Regards Logu
  2. Dear Sir, E-learning follows Analyze, Design, Develop. Implement and Evaluate methodology. I am very much concerned about setting up an measurement and analysis system to monitor the quality level of all the processes involved (Storyboard defects, Animation errors, non-adherence to standards etc) for continual improvement. We have formative and summative evaluations to check the errors. How six sigma can be used here. Please let me know if still I am unclear. Reagrds Logu
  3. Hi Sir, I am to Quality Management System in E-learning. We are developing a digital school for students to "Learn anywhere, anytime concept". Also, I am a Green belt certified person in Six sigma. My question is - can we implement Six sigma methodology in E-learning. The process involves integration of human storyboard with technology. How can I measure the quality accuracy for this workflow for continual improvement. can any expert help me with this. Please advise if my request is not clear.. Regards Logu
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